Black Lightning Star Exiting the Series in Season 3

DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover might be over, but that doesn't mean that all is well and good in the various lanes of the Arrowverse. Case in point: Black Lightning got ripped away from a revolution to take back Freeland from the A.S.A., not to mention his daughter Jennifer being lost in some kind of transdimensional void. That's a lot of mess to clean up as Black Lightning season 3 resumes this week, and now it seems there will be at least one confirmed major loss to come. Black Lightning star Damon Gupton has announced he's leaving the show.

Gupton has been with Black Lightning since the very beginning, playing Freeland detective-turned-police chief, Bill Henderson. Here's what the actor had to say to his many fans, via social media:

"And that's a wrap. My final night on the set of @blacklightning. In December before X-mas I was told Chief Henderson is not in the plans for season 4 and that I would be let go. My [heart] to a helluva hard working crew. Big [praise and thanks] to cast, writers, producers, staff, CW, WB #BlackLightning" --Damon Gupton

"....And special shoutout to all the great BL fans who greet me in the street, airports, restaurants. Your appreciation means the world to me. Know that I treasure it. Disappointed I'm not allowed to continue the ride with you but glad we had the time we did. [praise and love] #BlackLightning" --Damon Gupton

Chief Henderson has been in kind of a tough spot, ever since the A.S.A. declared martial law in Freeland. The community saw Henderson as a traitor, which prompted Henderson to re-examine his values and morals, and he secretly began helping other key community members mount Freeland's resistance.s


Given how Black Lightning set the stage before Crisis On Infinite Earths, there's still going to be an ugly war between Freeland and the A.S.A. in the second half of Black Lightning season 3. Guess we shouldn't expect Chief Henderson to make it out alive.

Black Lightning season 3 resumes this week.