New 'Black Lightning' Season 2 Characters Reportedly Revealed

Black Lightning returns for its second season this fall on The CW, and with production on the DC [...]

Black Lightning returns for its second season this fall on The CW, and with production on the DC Comics inspired superhero series underway a little more information about what's coming up in the shows sophomore season is starting to emerge -- including information on new characters.

Last week, TV Line reported that "a flurry of fresh faces are being cast" for Black Lightning's second season. Now, a new report from That Hashtag Show is expanding on those characters as well as adding two new ones to the roster. According to the report, two potentially major players are joining the cast. First up is "Perenna", described as an open ethnicity role in her 40s or 50s. A telepathic metahuman, "Perenna" is said to be a therapist who will help Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) understand and come to terms with her powers.

The other new character is "Zlovac", a Caucasian real estate developer in his 30s said to be teaming up with Tobias Whale (Marvin "Krondon" Jones III). He is described as being of Eastern European descent and "isn't afraid to get violent when it comes to payback." It's a trait that will likely make him right at home with Tobias next season.

As for the three characters TV Line reported last week, this new report suggests some additional information about them as well. As we speculated previously, "Dr. Jace" appears to be based off of the DC Comics character Helga Jace and indicates that she will be another antagonist for Black Lightning and his allies. Joining her is "Major Lowry", a character that the report notes is set to be the new principal of Garfield High school. Described as being a "smart and brave individual [who] isn't going to have any problem taking over for Jefferson", it certainly sounds like Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) will be stepping away from his role at the high school, though given that Vice Principal Kara Fowdy (Skye P. Marshall) was working with A.S.A leader Martin Proctor last season and he's dead, it's just as possible that "Major Lowry" could be stepping into her place at the school instead.

The final character in the report sheds a little light on the potential love interest for Anissa Pierce/Thunder (Nafessa Williams). "Zoe B" is described as an open ethnicity twentysomething who is social media savvy and confident. She's also listed in the report as "isn't necessarily looking for a relationship" so there are a number of directions that the character could go -- though fans of Chantal Thuy's Grace Choi will likely be curious to see if and how "Zoe B" impacts the possibility of a Grace/Anissa relationship.

With these reports being just that -- reports -- fans will have to wait a bit longer for additional information on Black Lightning's second season. The show will have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, so we may find out a bit more then and will keep you updated with new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, fans can get caught up or simply rewatch Black Lightning on Blu-ray and DVD, complete with deleted scenes.

Black Lightning will return on Tuesday, October 9th at 9/8c after The Flash on The CW.