'Black Lightning': Who Is Lady Eve?

Tonight's series premiere of The CW's Black Lightning introduced viewers to more than just a new [...]

Tonight's series premiere of The CW's Black Lightning introduced viewers to more than just a new superhero. The series introduced or mentioned several DC Comics characters -- both villain and otherwise.

Slight spoilers for tonight's series premiere of Black Lightning below.

Early in the episode, Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) attends a fundraising event for Garfield High School, the school he serves as principal. After addressing those in attendance, Jefferson then moves on to mingling and briefly catches up with his secretary who advises him to "turn on the charm," because a very wealthy woman, Lady Eve from Blackbird Funeral Parlor, is there as a possible donor.

Lady Eve isn't just a random person, though. As comic book fans may recall, Lady Eve is a villain and a member of the Kobra Cult, joining with the villain Kobra/Jeffrey Franklin Burr and his plans to use mind control on high ranking officials of the US Army so that he could steal a defense program satellite and blackmail the government. Fans may also recall that while Kobra has had clashes with numerous heroes, namely Batman and his Outsiders, when he expanded his operations to the Midwest, his base of operations was Keystone City -- putting him firmly in Flash territory.

On Black Lightning, Grammy Award-winning singer Jill Scott will play Lady Eve and will serve as a connection between a secret group of corrupt leaders and Tobias Whale, leader of the notorious and dangerous gang The 100, played by Marvin "Krondon" Jones III. While it's not clear Scott's Lady Eve will maintain her connection to Kobra, it wouldn't be surprising if the corrupt leaders she connects to Tobias Whale were manipulating the crime lord for their own, nefarious reasons and using Lady Eve as their agent.

It will be interesting to see how Lady Eve fits into things in Freeland as Black Lightning's first season continue to unfold.

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c following new episodes of The Flash on The CW.