Blue Beetle Concept Artists Talk Ted Kord Casting

Blue Beetle's post-credit scene teased the return of Ted Kord, but who will play him?

Blue Beetle is now playing in theaters, and while the DC film hasn't had the most successful run at the box office, there is a chance fans will see the character again. In fact, James Gunn has said the character will be a part of his new DCU. Blue Beetle's post-credit scene actually featured a big tease about the franchise's future. Turns out, Ted Kord, who was the second Blue Beetle in the comics, is alive. Now, people are wondering who might play the role in the future. Recently, Screen Rant spoke with 9B Collective co-owners and concept artists Phillip Boutté Jr. and Mike Uwandi about Blue Beetle, and asked about the fan-casting of Jason Sudeikis as Ted Kord. 

"Honestly, that's one of my favorites, yeah," Boutté Jr. said of the Sudeikis fan cast. "I was going to say that, to me, was the nail on the head for me. I was like, 'That's perfect,'" Uwandi added. "I've seen a few others. It's interesting because he doesn't necessarily have to be the action hero badass guy. He's more quirky. So there's been a few others, but I liked Jason," Boutté Jr. continued.

"People tried to cast Nathan [Fillion] as him for the longest time too though," Boutté Jr. continued. "Nathan was another big one. Yeah, I can't think of it. It's an interesting thing because the way that they've set it up in the universe now, it would depend on how that actor plays off of everybody else since the family is super important, because actually one of the things that was a surprise for us was George Lopez. Lopez, they had him in mind, but it wasn't initially him. It was going to be somebody that was skinnier and wiry."

Of course, it's pretty unlikely that Fillion will play Ted Kord considering Gunn recently cast him in Superman: Legacy as Guy Gardner. 

Angel Manuel Soto Breaks Down Blue Beetle's Post-Credit Scene:

Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto recently spoke with and confirmed that Ted Kord is alive thanks to the hero using a computer to message his family.

"Ted Kord is alive. The whole movie, Ted Kord is in it without being in it. We have Jenny Kord who has this conflict with her sentiment about her father because he disappeared," Soto tells us.

Though Blue Beetle has been confirmed to be a part of the new DC Universe, Soto isn't quite sure where the hero could pop up next.

"We wanted to give some closure to her character. Obviously, that closure was a lot of doors to open and that closure comes with the fact that Ted Kord did not die, he disappeared," the filmmaker explained. "While we don't know where he's at or why he sent that message, we know that he's going to be somewhere in the future whether it's by himself or with Booster Gold. Everything is open."

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