Bradley Cooper Played a Major Role in Editing Joker

You might be surprised to learn that the DC Comics supervillain feature Joker received a lot of input from actor Bradley Cooper, best known for films like The Hangover, A Star Is Born, and Guardians of the Galaxy. But Cooper is an Academy Award-winner in his own right, so it makes sense that the producer of Joker would help guide the movie to the prominence it has received from fans and critics alike since its release. Apparently Cooper was a lot more hands on behind the scenes of the film, especially in the editing room.

Joker editor Jeff Groth was recently nominated for an Academy Award for his work, and he recently spoke about the impact Cooper had on the finished film.

"We kept this one pretty close to us. We screened it more personally for people and filmmakers," Groth said to Collider. "Bradley Cooper definitely came in a couple of times. He was a producer on the movie, but he definitely watched the movie many times and sat with us. We could call him if we got stuck with something and be like, ‘Hey, can you come over and take a look at things?’"

Groth praised Cooper's keen eye, explaining how the director and actor helped contribute to Joker.

“He doesn’t miss a thing (laughs). He would watch stuff and he would pick out even some of the smallest things and what are some of the things that he can be picked out for us to address. He was definitely a huge help. I think he got a lot more experience in editing than most people would realize.”

The editor also revealed that Joker himself Joaquin Phoenix aided in the editing room, saying that he was more hands on than actors in his previous projects.


“I think probably he was in the edit room more that any other actor that I’ve worked with… What was interesting to have him come in is that he would always be looking to get the feeling from what was on screen to mimic the feeling that he had on the day [he shot it]. It was a really interesting perspective to have in the room. Of course, you’re putting together what you’re putting together, but then to have somebody saying like, ‘I lived that moment and here’s what I’m feeling.’ It’s another interesting perspective, so kudos to Todd for having him come in.”

Fans can see Phoenix and Cooper's contributions to the Oscar-nominated Joker, now available to own on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.