Could Constantine Streaming On CW Seed Lead To A Second Season?

constantine cw

Fans were gutted when they heard that their favorite demon slayer, John Constantine, had his standalone NBC series canceled after a single season. Their efforts to revive the show through other networks failed, but now, it's looking like Constantine might yet be saved by The CW? Could it really happen?

Speculation went rampant when after The CW uploaded Constantine's entire first season to its website, CW Seed. Viewers can now stream the season for free, but the network has strictly refused to comment on whether they're now interested in adding Constantine to its super-powered line-up.

Understandably, the decision to stream Constantine struck fans as odd for several reasons. As Constantine belonged to NBC, the network had never aired the series on any of its affiliated channels, but there might just be a method lingering behind The CW's madness. It's possible that The CW is stock piling Constantine's assets and closely monitoring how much traffic the series drives to their sites. If enough fans show interest in Constantine's return, network might be persuaded to pick the series back up.

Still, there would be some major challenges in getting the series back on TV, and one of those issues would be reuniting the cast. After Constantine was canceled, the show's cast and crew were released from their contracts. Currently, Matt Ryan - who plays Detective Constantine - has moved onto new projects as he's filming a WWII-period drama for Britian's ITV.

However, it appears as if Ryan isn't quite ready to get over his devilish character. The actor is slated to appear at several comic conventions before the year's end to talk about the show, and Ryan even reprised the role on The CW's Arrow earlier in 2015. The character, who helped Team Arrow following Sara Lance's Lazarus Pit resurrection, went over very well with fans. So, at the very least, The CW might occasionally bring back Constantine to cameo in its various DC Comics-based shows like The Flash, Supergirl, and more.


So, what do you guys think? Do you think The CW is testing its waters to find out whether fans could float Constantine's return?