Could The Flash Be Headed For A Crisis?

The Flash - Crisis on Two Earths

Could Season Three of The Flash be a Crisis on two earths?

With just one episode to go in the hit show's second season, last night's episode saw Cisco "vibe" on a vision of what he believes to be Earth-2's future -- one where the planet is "splitting in half all the way down to the poles."

And while it's entirely possible that the death of the world is something that will be addressed in next week's season finale, that's an awful big idea for them to try and shoehorn into a single episode where they also have to deal with the death of Barry's father and defeat the season-long big bad in Zoom.

Either way, when you watch a world crumble, especially one in the DC multiverse, it's difficult not to think of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

And considering that the two biggest casualties of the Crisis in the comics -- Supergirl and Barry Allen -- both have shows on The CW next season, and have crossed over across the multiverse, it's hard not to suspect that Greg Berlanti -- who has been open about his affection for Crisis on Infinite Earths -- might be interested in taking a swing at that storyline.

With the dead birds, it seems that Cisco is vibing on something that Zoom and Black Siren will do -- but the energy you see poking out around some of the edges in his visions don't seem to sync up with the kind of percussive destruction we saw from Siren in the latest episode.

The Anti-Monitor would be a massively powerful threat, one that would be even darker and more dangerous than Zoom. He would also be an end boss-level Flash villain who isn't just another speedster -- something the show could use after having back-to-back "dark reflections" of Barry.


And, yes, the newspaper is from ten years in the future. That actually gives you the opportunity to explore a Crisis-level event -- one that destroys worlds and puts the fear of God into Team Flash -- but isn't The Crisis. Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC had a number of "Crisis on..."-titled stories, which saw inter-Earth crossovers where the Justice League and the Justice Society would face massive threats. Whether it's the Anti-Monitor or another, similar threat, that could prove to be a really compelling challenge for the combined heroes of the CWverse to face.

We'll (hopefully) find out more on the season finale of The Flash, which airs next Tuesday, May 24, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.