Does Doom Patrol Appear in "Crisis on Infinite Earths"?

The CW's mega-crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" didn't just offer fans much-anticipated adaptation of the iconic comic book series of the same name or deliver on a tease made years ago during the series premiere of The Flash that the event was coming. It also helped to unite many of the DC film and television properties by "bringing them into" the Arrowverse by way of various cameos and Easter Eggs. During the early part of the event, that included a brief appearance from DC Universe's Titans. That appearance led many to wonder if Doom Patrol would also make an appearance in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and now, with the Multiverse-changing event concluded we know if there's a corner of reality where Robotman, Elastic Girl, Crazy Jane, and the others reside.

Spoilers for the conclusion of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" below.

As it turns out, yes, the Doom Patrol did make an appearance in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" establishing that, like Titans before it, there's a place for the DC Universe shows if not directly in at least adjacent to the Arrowverse.

At the end of the "Crisis" audiences are introduced to the new Multiverse, populated by all new worlds. Among them is Earth-21 which just so happens to be the home of Doom Patrol. The team of misfit heroes are seen on the lawn of Doom Manor, dancing happily, everything as right in their world things can get in Cloverton. The other DC Universe shows also got their own Earth designations as well, with Titans being on Earth-9, Stargirl on Earth-2, and Swamp Thing on Earth-19.

In a sense, the idea that Doom Patrol exists in the Arrowverse Multiverse shouldn't come as too much of a surprise and we mean more than just the aforementioned Titans appearance. Late last year it was announced that another of the DC Universe's superhero shows, Stargirl, would be coming to The CW in a unique arrangement in which new episodes of the Brec Bassinger-starring series would debut on the DC Universe streaming service and then be broadcast the next day on The CW. Stargirl also made an appearance in "Crisis" as well so between those appearances, it only makes sense that Doom Patrol would be along for the ride, too.

And when it comes to the wild ride that is the Doom Patrol series itself, fans have more to look forward than just tonight's brief appearance. It was announced at last summer's San Diego Comic-Con that Doom Patrol had been renewed for a second season and, in its own unique twist, new episodes of the quirky series will debut simultaneously on DC Universe and the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service, HBO Max.

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Doom Patrol's first season is now streaming on DC Universe.