Dark Crisis Names Black Adam the New Leader of the Justice League

With the majority of the Justice League members believed to be dead after their encounter with Pariah's Dark Army, several heroes are stepping up to claim leadership. However, one of the most unlikely candidates is Black Adam in Dark Crisis #2. Superman's son, Jon Kent, is serving as Earth's Man of Steel and is attempting to form his own version of the Justice League after his father's death. However, Black Adam was more than skeptical that the young Superman has what it takes to lead. After the events of Dark Crisis #2, it would appear Black Adam was right, as the antihero finally accepts the job of leading DC's new generation of heroes.

The main focus of Dark Crisis #2 from Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sánchez, and Tom Napolitano is the fight between Deathstroke's Secret Society, and Nightwing and the Titans. Deathstroke is perhaps the Titans' greatest nemesis, and they put on an impressive display before Jon Kent swoops in to even the odds. However, Cyborg Superman shows up to keep Jon distracted. The result of their clash leaves Titans Tower demolished, and Superman and Nightwing looking rather defeated. This is when Black Adam appears to basically tell them, "I told you so."

Black Adam was always wary that Jon Kent could carry his father's legacy, and scoffed at the new Justice League lineup he recruited in Dark Crisis #1. When Jon asks Black Adam why he wasn't at Titans Tower to fight off the villains, Teth-Adam revealed how the Secret Society has been attacking various sites across the globe, including his home of Kahndaq. Left with no choice, Black Adam is burdened to lead the Justice League, and vows to turn them into the type of faction the world needs in its darkest moments.

The timing of Black Adam possibly leading the Justice League coincides with his upcoming big-screen movie starring Dwayne Johnson. Set to arrive in theaters October 21st, Black Adam will also feature another DC superhero team: the Justice Society. DC is also launching a new Black Adam limited series from writer Christopher Priest and artist Rafa Sandoval. A look at covers for Black Adam #2 features Black Adam's successor Malik, aka Bolt. The description of the issue reads: "THERE IS NO REDEMPTION FOR BLACK ADAM. Thousands of years ago, did Black Adam inadvertently create a powerful race who've modeled themselves after the Akkadian pantheon of goddesses and gods? Or is he being gaslighted, taunted by illusions, by one of his many enemies? Theo Teth-Adam finds only more questions when he is lured to the Akkadian Hightower and given a cryptic message. Meanwhile, Adam has dispatched Etrigan the Demon, an unlikely ally, to either train his youthful successor or kill him."

With several issues of Dark Crisis to go before the event series concludes, it remains unlikely Black Adam remains the Justice League's new leader. But for now, he is stepping up to offer his unique expertise to the younger generation of heroes.


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