David Mazouz Now Has a Trainer for Gotham Season 3

Little David Mazouz is growing up before our eyes. Cast at age 11 as a young Bruce Wayne on [...]

Little David Mazouz is growing up before our eyes. Cast at age 11 as a young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, the fifteen year-old now stands eye-to-eye during interviews. After some very basic fight training on screen at the hands of Alfred (basically learning how to throw a punch... and that's about it), things are starting to get more serious as season three approaches. After Sean Pertwee told Comicbook.com that there'd be more on-screen sparring between the two of them this season, Mazouz revealed that he finally has an actual trainer, and he's learning martial arts off-screen as well - his next big step to someday putting on the cape and cowl of Batman.

"Honestly, before, a couple of years ago, nothing, zilch," he said of off-screen training. "I just got a trainer, actually, because the show wants me to learn some martial arts kinds of moves, so that when I have those scenes, maybe I can do a couple flips eventually, down the line. I just started, so give me a couple months!" he pleaded with a smile. "I'm doing Krav Maga mostly, but also Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, a little bit of everything." Sounds like a workout that would make Batman proud.

Of course, Batman's all about training his mind as much as his body, but Mazouz says that will take a backseat this season, because of a specific event that happens early on.

"In season three, that's going to take a step back. The detective work will take a step back because of something major that happens in the premiere," he revealed. "I don't want to get into it, because I don't want to spoil anything, but Bruce realizes that if he continues on the path that he's on, people that he loves are gonna get hurt, which happened at the end of season two; Selina got caught at Indian Hill, Gordon got caught at Indian Hill, Alfred got caught trying to find them, Lucius got - he put so many people that he cared about and loved in danger. And he realized that and said 'I can't keep doing this?' He has to realize, 'is it worth it?' and eventually that will lead to him putting on the mask."

Gotham returns to FOX Mondays at 8pm on September 19, 2016.