DC Comics Lucha Explosiva Luchadores Figures Are Available Now


At the New York Toy Fair 2019, DC Collectibles launched several new products, the most notable of which being the new ¡Lucha Explosiva! figure line.

As you can see, the figures reimagine iconic DC Comics heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as Luchadores. The figures are super fun, right down to their official backstories - which we've listed below. You can pre-order all of the Lucha Explosiva figures, along with several black and white Batman statues, the first DC Prime Batman figure, and more right here. The only question is, who would win if the Luchadores faced off against their Primal Age selves?

Lucha Explosiva Batman: Known for "flying" into the ring with an ornate, oversize cape, he uses theatrical tricks to distract his foes in the ring before executing one of his signature moves, such as the Bataranger or the Gauntlet Grappler. A third-generation luchador known for his devastating power and unmatched strategic approach, Batman is one of the premier attractions in the DC Luchaverse. This heavyweight veteran claims he gets his power from Camazotz, the mythical Mayan bat god and spiritual guardian of his home city, Camaziudad. So accomplished is Batman that the league created a unique campeon belt specifically for him, the "Supremo Batbelt," which he brings with him before every match, though some say he keeps it on a little bit longer when facing his longtime nemesis, Deathstroke. The DC Comics Lucha Explosiva Batman Action Figure stands 7-inches tall, is made of plastic, and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Batman comes with extra hands and his own cape, perfect for re-creating theatrical match entrances.

Lucha Explosiva Superman: This DC Comics Lucha Explosiva Superman Action Figure stands 7-inches tall, made of plastic, and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Superman comes with extra hands. While he is new to the scene, the luchador known only as Superman has already became a fan favorite for his dedication to clean fights and his commitment to spend time talking to the young fans after matches. He's also a rare favorite of the other luchadores, who see in him a clear path for a future of packed stadiums and corruption-free management. The only people who don't like him are those in the pocket of Lex Luthor, the shady head of the DC Luchaverse. He spent his early years in a small town outside of Veracruz, working the farm of his adopted parents. The long hours developed his work ethic, and the intense labor he did with his dad shaped his frame into the formidable force it became in the ring. He claims his technique for his famed throw the Altitude Adjustment, in which he vaults his opponent over his shoulder - came from loading bales of hay into the family truck.

Lucha Explosiva Wonder Woman: All hail the queen! This DC Comics Lucha Explosiva Wonder Woman Action Figure stands 7-inches tall, is made of plastic, and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Wonder Woman comes with extra hands and a lasso accessory. The luchadora known as Wonder Woman is a campeona in Mexico and around the world, traveling around the DC Luchaverse competing and winning various wrestling competitions. During each year of her multi-decade career, she leaves the tour for a month and heads to an undisclosed location - rumored to be mythical La Zona del Silencio off the Yucatan coast - to fight off challengers from her tribe. Only the victor of this competition gets the title "La reina del ring" and the legendary mask that accompanies it. While Wonder Woman is an overpowering force in the ring, most fans consider her technical skills to be her greatest asset. Her famous pin move, "La Diosa del Lazo," is rumored to inflict such fear in those in Wonder Woman's grasp that they will tell her their deepest secrets before submitting.

Lucha Explosiva Metallo: This DC Comics Lucha Explosiva Metallo Action Figure stands 7-inches tall, made of plastic, and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Metallo features fully articulated digits on his hands, giving fans extra posability. This rough-and-tumble wrestling machine is one of the most unique and most accomplished luchadores on the circuit. With the rescued brain from a second-generation luchador controlling a frame that proudly displays its "Hecho en Mexico" stamp, this massive machine has won many fans' hearts, even if he doesn't have one of his own. Taking his name from a formerly beloved (and human) luchador, Metallo II is a perplexing matchup for his opponents in the ring. His build - rumored to be designed by lucha-obsessed students at a nearby university - features extra-long arms and oversize feet, which present a formidable challenge to the Tecnicos who don't want to be accused of fighting dirty. As such, he is currently the only wrestler on tour who has not been defeated by Superman.

Lucha Explosiva Deathstroke: This DC Comics Lucha Explosiva Deathstroke Action Figure stands 7-inches tall, is made of plastic, and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. Deathstroke comes with extra hands and folding chairs - featuring a fresh indentation from Batman's face - to help create unique match scenarios. A mysterious figure who vows to never be unmasked, Deathstroke rose to fame when he became the youngest entrant ever to be named campeon at the Maxima Devastacion tournament. But his victory was not without its own cost, as he lost his right eye on his way to earning his belt. A supremely skilled rudo, Deathstroke will use any weapon he can to emerge victorious, be it a club, a knife or his favorite - a chair. A dark and quiet figure, he prefers to let his record speak for him; few things speak louder than his legacy of having unmasked - and thus ended the careers of - a record number of luchadores. Whose masque will be the next one added to his collection?


Lucha Explosiva The Cheetah: This DC Comics Lucha Explosiva The Cheetah Action Figure stands 7-inches tall, is made of plastic, and features multiple articulation points for custom poses. The Cheetah comes with extra hands. Hailing from la selva amazonica, the luchadora who calls herself the Cheetah has already amassed an enviable win record in her brief career. A fiercely driven competitor, she believes her life will remain cursed until she is able to claim the title of "La Campeona de las Mascaras" and is willing to challenge any foe at any time. But given her tendency to mark her vanquished foes with her claws, the only thing stopping her from racking up more wins is the lack of opponents who will step into the ring with her. Considered to be the fastest luchadora in the sport's history, she's almost impossible to pin or throw. She's quick to the top of the ropes to start one of her trademark attacks, the "Parkour Pounce" or "El Backsplash Rapido." Cheetah's speed and agility make her the perfect foil for Wonder Woman, and their matches are the hottest ticket on the tour.

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