DC Comics Reveals One of Six Fan-Favorite Characters Will Die in 'Heroes in Crisis'

Besides the death of a Flash that is almost certainly Wally West, Heroes in Crisis #1 will [...]

Besides the death of a Flash that is almost certainly Wally West, Heroes in Crisis #1 will apparently kill off another fan-favorite character when the Tom King/Clay Mann series hits the stands this fall.

Heroes in Crisis centers on an attack on Sanctuary, a psychiatric facility serving the superhero community, which leaves a number of people dead and sends shockwaves through the superhero community, touching off a murder mystery in the vein of Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales's Identity Crisis.

On the cover of the next DC Nation magazine, the publisher teases that "one of these six characters dies," along with an image showing Booster Gold, Harley Quinn, Arsenal, Red Robin (Tim Drake), Cyborg and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

DC Nation #4 hits the stands on Sept. 5, and teases that the death will take place in 21 days. A number of important DC books will be released on Sept. 26, but given the context the obvious answer becomes Heroes in Crisis #1.

The fatality is unlikely to be Booster or Harley, since DC has previously said that those two are the suspects in the attack, which lies at the heart of the story.

Given that Wally West is probably dying, betting against Roy Harper's death seems like a wise move, since gutting that generation of Titans all at once would be a strange move and likely very unpopular with fans. The same can be said for Cyborg, who was obviously a member of the Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Teen Titans generation — although he's also probably safe because of his status with the Justice League. Practical concerns might make it more difficult to get rid of Cyborg so soon after the League lost two characters of color and replaced them with one (the Green Lantern replacements).

That leaves Tim Drake and Kyle Rayner. If we were to make a bet, we would likely say Kyle is the most likely fatality, since Tim just got back from the "dead" — he was kidnapped by Mr. Oz at the end of the first Detective Comics arc of the Rebirth era, and did not return until about six months ago — but the flipside of that argument is that being dead for a long time and back for a minute seemingly did not prevent DC from targeting Wally West for elimination. Kyle might also be a candidate because Grant Morrison is taking over the Green Lantern titles for what we are assuming will be a fairly significant reboot.

Heroes in Crisis #1 will be released on Sept. 26.