DC Kills a Speedster in The Flash

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash #755 below!DC Comics is in the midst of returning to their regular [...]

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash #755 below!

DC Comics is in the midst of returning to their regular publishing schedule and with it the latest issue of The Flash, which features a startling last-minute death as the new issue concludes. In the issue, the conclusion of "The Flash Age" storyline, Barry Allen must team up with his greatest enemy, the Reverse-Flash, to take on his new for, Paradox. Also present for the skirmish is villain-turned-hero and fellow speedster August Heart aka Godspeed. Introduced at the start of writer Joshua Williamson's run on the character, Godspeed met his end in the episode at the hands of Eobard Thawne.

To backtrack, as the trio find themselves attacking Paradox, Thawne goes back in time to give his name a double meaning and give Paradox a happy life where he never became the villain they're up against. After successfully defeating him and returning to the future version of Central City with its Flash Museum, now back to appreciating the hero rather than villifying him. In this moment Godspeed turns to Thawne, now assuming them brothers-in-arms, and asks him about his future and if he knows who actually killed his brother. Thawne Replies: "Oh that was me. I did that," before snapping Godspeed's neck.

After this Thawne adds "No one will remember you Godspeed. I've seen your future." Thawne went on to taunt Barry before teasing the next chapter of the character and his "Legion of Zoom."

"You're going to do what you always do," Thawne tells The Flash. "I do something horrible to you and you gather up your Flash family. And your family runs in a triumphant line to chase me! That's how this always plays, right? But I'm way ahead of you. This has been in the works for a long time. I'm going to get my own family. A Reverse-Flash family."

Originally scheduled to be published on May 27, The Flash #756 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 23. Written by Joshua Williamson with art by Christian Duce, the issue's solicitation reads:

"At last—the Flash is free of Paradox, but that freedom came at a great cost. For years, the Reverse-Flash has wanted Barry Allen to suffer, but he's always been defeated by the Flash Family! Now the Reverse-Flash is going to build his own family to help him get the revenge he demands! This issue kicks off a new, epic story that will force the Flash into what may be his final race!"