DC Announces Superman Prequel TV Series 'Metropolis'

Krypton isn't the only Superman prequel coming to TV!On Tuesday, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. [...]

Krypton isn't the only Superman prequel coming to TV!

On Tuesday, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television announced that the companies are working on a new TV series called Metropolis, which is set to take place before Superman starts being a hero.

The new series will follow the lives of reporter Lois Lane and soon-to-be evil mastermind Lex Luthor as they navigate the day-to-day world of Metropolis. Much like Gotham has done for Batman, this series will examine the iconic DC city before there was a hero around to protect it.

Speaking of Gotham, the producers behind that series are the ones bringing Metropolis to life. EPs John Stephens and Danny Cannon have teamed up to write the story, and will both serve as executive producers on the new series. Stephens will write the screenplay for the actual pilot and Cannon is set to direct.

Metropolis has already been given a 13-episode order, and will debut on DC's exclusive streaming service. The company is aiming to debut the series in 2019. Production is set to begin later this year.

This will be the second live-action series to air on DC's upcoming service, joining the talked-about Titans project that is currently in production. The service is also set to produce an animated series based on Harley Quinn, and the highly-anticipated third installment of Young Justice, Outsiders.

Along with the announcement, DC and WBTV revealed the first teaser art for Metropolis, which you can see below.

metropolis dc art series
(Photo: Warner Bros. Television/DC Entertainment)