DC To Launch New Stories Featuring Wally West, the Justice Society

After a week in which we learned that DC overtook Marvel in marketshare last month for the first [...]

After a week in which we learned that DC overtook Marvel in marketshare last month for the first time in recent memory, today proved to deliver a lot of good news for the company, with new stories announced for Wally West and the Justice Society of America. Both of those fan-favorite properties were more or less discarded when DC relaunched their publishing line in 2011, but their journeys back have been quite a bit different. In the case of Wally West, his reappearance kickstarted the "Rebirth' era of DC, and he has been a presence in the DC Universe ever since. The Justice Society, meanwhile, has been missing in action for quite some time, with a recent issue of Doomsday Clock revealing that their origins had been prevented by Doctor Manhattan basically just so he could see what happened to the timeline if he did it.

Wally West, fresh off his traumatic experiences in Heroes in Crisis, will go on a journey for redemption in Flash Foward, a new miniseries from Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund. The trio, who were the creative team behind The New 52's take on the Teen Titans, will be joined by cover artist Evan "Doc" Shaner, who tweeted after the announcement was made that "Working on Wally West to any extent has long been a career goal for me, so I'm really excited to be doing covers for this series." Booth, who is a passionate Wally West fan, recently drew the character in The Flash/Speed Buggy for DC. Currently, he is drawing Valiant's Bloodshot, which he says he will remain on until #6, then take a break to work on Flash Forward before returning to Bloodshot.

Scott Snyder will be tackling the return of the Justice Society of America in the pages of Justice League. The writer tweeted that "I've been waiting to write the JSA for a long long time - passion project and dream come true. Big big plans for them even beyond Justice League." During a recent interview, he had told ComicBook.com that he was planning on working with the team.

"I want each arc to stand on its own in a singular way, but ultimately one roll to the next," Snyder said during a recent interview. "I didn't do that on Batman. When you finish 'Court of Owls,' it was done. And when you finish 'Black Mirror,' it was done. It wasn't until the end of the run that I started to kind of roll things into the next, and have a vision for how to kinda connect all it with Last Knight, and how do use Metal and all that kinda stuff. So for me now, with Justice League, it's the inversion of that. From go, there's things on the very first page with Kamandi, with DC One Million, with the JSA honestly, you saw in issue 1 the different points. All that stuff was planned from then to now. This is now where it really comes to fruition."

You can look for more details on these projects in DC's upcoming solicitations, due out on Monday.