DC's Legends of Tomorrow: "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist" Preview Released

The CW has released a preview for "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist", the upcoming fifth episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow's seventh season. The episode will air on Wednesday, November 10th. With the Waverider having been mysteriously blown up by another Waverider at the end of Season 6, the Legends have been trapped in the 1920s, and in the upcoming episode, they will travel to New York City to track down Dr. Gwyn Davies, a scientist they believe will be able to get them back to their timeline. However, Davies isn't exactly who they expect him to be, and, more than that, some of the Legends don't necessarily want the team using Davies' time machine at all.

The episode will see the official introduction of Davies, played by Matt Ryan who previously starred as John Constantine on the series. It was announced back in July that Constantine would be exiting the series with Ryan staying on to play the brand new character, Davies.


"Before I started shooting this season. It was last season that we knew it was going to happen," Ryan tells TVLine when asked when he first knew the change was going to take place. So we had the conversation, and it was like, 'Oh, OK.' When the original Constantine show was canceled, it felt like there was unfinished business. It felt like, 'I wish that I could get to play out this character in a way that I didn't get to do.'"

Ryan adds, "Who would have thunk that seven years later, I'd still be playing the character, getting to explore? So I really had the most wonderful journey with him, and I felt like in the context of this show, it was the right time for him to go on his journey and walk his path. And as a fan, which I am - I've read almost all the Hellblazers, I think, apart from the last two of the new run, which are effing awesome, by the way - it just felt like it was the right time for him to leave the show. And then they asked me to stay. It's a different challenge for me as an actor, and that felt organic as well."

You can check out the episode synopsis below.

A LITTLE LUCK - After Sara (Caity Lotz), Ava (Jes Macallan), Behrad (Shayan Sobhian) and Gary (Adam Tsekham) arrive in New York City, they track down Dr. Gwyn Davies (Matt Ryan), who isn't the scientist they expected. Astra (Olivia Swann), Spooner (Lisseth Chavez), and Gideon (Amy Pemberton) are still trying to stop the Legends from using the time machine, but they run into some more setbacks along the way. Meanwhile, in the pocket dimension Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe) work together on the Hoover situation as well how to make their future together work. Andrew Kasch directed the episode written by Paiman Kalayeh & Mark Bruner.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist" airs on November 10th.