Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: Flex Mentallo Arrives in "Flex Patrol"

Last week's Doom Patrol left the heroes in a grim situation. Inside the Bureau of Normalcy's Ant Farm, the gang is preparing to break out Vic, but he's severely beaten his father after being manipulated by Mr. Nobody. With Vic's dad potentially dead and the Bureau still a threat, the team has to act fast to get out so they can resume their search for The Chief. But they may have new help now – Flex Mentallo. Read on for our spoiler-filled recap of "Flex Patrol" below.

Kansas, 1964. Flex Mentallo strolls down the street with his wife Delores and the pair are greeted warmly as he's the local hero. He uses his powers to set up a perfect picnic by creating things out of thin air. Unfortunately, he's taken by the Bureau while saving a kitten stuck in a tree.

Ant Farm, present day. Jones survived his experience with the butts. Silas Stone is also still alive but needs medical attention. The Negative Spirit draws 722 out and Rita recognizes him as Flex Mentallo as Flit carries them away, then drops Vic, Silas, and Rita at the hospital. Cliff attempts to celebrate the victory but Flex has no idea of his true identity.

Larry tries to get away from the Negative Spirit, but he reconnects to Larry and we are sent back to Larry's time in the Ant Farm in the 1960s They torture the Spirit to appear before taking Larry to his cell -- which is next door to Flex's cell. Flex asks for Larry's help in escaping and Larry refuses, but the Spirit goes to talk to Flex and they can in fact communicate. But before any escape can happen, Flex is repeatedly tortured.

At Doom Manor, the teams try to help 722 remember himself. Jane gets the idea to have him dress as Flex and when that doesn't work, they try to force him to use his powers -- and perhaps remember -- by upsetting him. At the hospital, Silas is stable, and Rita tries to console Vic. While waiting, Rita hears a baby crying and it causes her severe emotional distress. An elderly man ends up approaching her and asks for her help in finding his room.

Rita ends up opening up to him about her past mistakes. She facilitated young starlets to meet a power producer and eventually, one of those starlets became pregnant. Rita gave the girl $100 and sent her on her way. The girl ended up killing herself, but instead of taking the baby Rita took a big movie role instead -- the one that led to her powers. She has never forgiven herself, but the man says she's gotten her power back.

Larry has the idea that if they find Dolores, Flex's wife, it will give him his memory back and it works. Flex remembers and soon, Dolores remembers him, but their reunion is short-lived. She disintegrates in his arms, a machination of the Bureau. Grieving and enraged, Flex unleashes his powers. At the hospital, an empowered Rita convinces Vic to reinstall Grid, but the team will have to find The Chief alone as he wants to stay with his dad. As Rita leaves the hospital, the old man turns into Mr. Nobody while back at the Manor, Larry collapses, coughing up blood. He's dying without the Spirit and tells the Spirit he's willing to suffer so that the Spirit can be free. The Spirit chooses Larry instead. Rita returns. She knows how to find The Chief and is ready to fight.

The episode ends with Mr. Nobody watching while decked out in actual Doom Patrol merch. It's showdown time. They've played right into his hands.

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe. New episodes drop each Friday.



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