"Elseworlds": Who Are the Trigger Twins?

'Elseworlds' continued into its second hour tonight, sending the heroes to Gotham on their quest [...]

"Elseworlds" continued into its second hour tonight, sending the heroes to Gotham on their quest to figure out what's caused them to swap identities and set things right for their world again. Unfortunately, that proved easier said than done -- and saw the "introduction" of another set of DC Comics characters.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Arrow, "Elseworlds Part 2," below.

After making their way to Gotham, meeting Batwoman, and dealing with a variety of challenges in the gritty, crime-ridden former home of Batman, Barry (Grant Gustin), Oliver (Stephen Amell), and Kara (Melissa Benoist) manage to get their hands on the mysterious Book of Destiny and bring it back to Argus. However, The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) shows up and, even with the assistance of the Barry Allen from Earth-90 (John Wesley Shipp) he retrieves the book, delivering it back to John Deegan who makes changes to reality yet again. Next we see of Barry and Oliver? They're dressed identically with newspaper headlines declaring them to be wanted criminals known as The Trigger Twins.

Fans of the Arrowverse suspected that The Trigger Twins would make their appearance in the crossover after set photos revealed Barry and Oliver dressed in those matching outfits with the Twins' symbol embossed in the back of the jacket, but it wasn't completely clear how the show would tackle the characters. In comics, the modern version of Trigger Twins were Tom and Tad Trigger. Introduced in Detective Comics #667 in 1993, the pair meet when they attempt to rob the same bank at the same time. Taken by how much they look alike, they end up working together to complete the robbery and escape.

Later, the pair end up working for a local mafia boss and are even hired by the villain Roland Desmond in Bludhaven. Their criminal exploits continue into Infinite Crisis where they join up with the Secret Society of Super Villains and, as part of that army move to destroy Metropolis. However, during the Battle of Metropolis, the Trigger Twins are shot and killed by a group of vigilante heroes -- including Vigilante and Wild Dog. The Twins appear once again in Blackest Night, having been given black power rings that turn them into Black Lanterns.

When it comes to the Arrowverse version of The Trigger Twins, it seems that "Elseworlds" is tapping into at least a portion of the villain's contemporary tale. In tonight's episode almost as soon as they realize what's going on -- and that they've been stripped of their powers in the process -- the police arrive to take them into custody and, when the pair try to run? A black suited Superman comes to block their escape.

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"Elseworlds" will conclude with Supergirl on December 11th at 8/7c.