EXCLUSIVE: Batman: The Killing Joke Clip With A Familiar Line of Dialogue

Batman: The Killing Joke is available now on Digital HD, and hits Blu-Ray and DVD next Tuesday, August 2, but you can watch a clip from it right here and now. The film, the first R-Rated animated movie from WB Animation's DC Comics line-up, is based on the beloved story by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, meant to be a final confrontation of sorts between Batman and his arch-nemesis The Joker.

Playing those roles once again are Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, respectively, who both started voicing the characters twenty-five years ago on Batman: The Animated Series. They've also played the DC Comics stars in the Batman: Arkham videogame series, and will return again in Justice League Action, the newest animated series coming soon.

In the exclusive clip provided by WB Animation and WB Home Entertainment, we see Batman hot on the trail of the Joker, and beating his way to the truth (as Batman is wont to do). He even utters a phrase made famous by Batman Begins, that was memed like crazy thanks to that film.