Exclusive: Young Justice Showrunners Vietti and Weisman Thank Fans for Season 3

After years of campaigning, tweeting, binging, buying, and let's face it, begging, it's finally happening: Young Justice season 3 is in production. The news broke late Monday via a press release from Warner Bros Animation. A significant part of that news, though, is that the original creative team of executive producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman would also be returning to the series to helm season 3.

The duo has been bombarded by twitter questions, requests, and yes, interviewers like this reporter asking them every single time we spoke if there was any update. Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Vietti told Comicbook.com the constant support "never stops being amazing. The thing I marvel at is that with online streaming people continue to have the ability to find the show. I'm on twitter all the time, reading comments from people that are discovering it. That's gratifying to us, that's all we want as creators."

Now, it's back. The fan movement actually worked. Warner Bros. noticed the support and are giving Young Justice another shot. Comicbook.com reached out to Vietti, and he had this to say.

"I just want to pass along a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all the fans that supported Young Justice and never gave up hope. I am truly amazed and grateful that so many of our fans all over the world were able to come together and make their voices heard. Young Justice season 3 is happening because of them!"

There you have it, fans, you made Young Justice season 3 happen.

Greg Weisman is likewise excited and celebrating the news - and the victory for fans.

"I am incredibly psyched to be going back to Warner Bros. and Young Justice," Weisman told Comicbook.com. " I start at WB on Monday, 11/14. And can't wait for Brandon and I to dig in and get our hands dirty."

(Photo: WB Animation)

Sounds like Weisman and Vietti's twitter accounts are going to get bombarded again starting next week, huh?


The press release was a little sparse on details, not yet revealing a release date or network for Young Justice season 3, but with Vietti and Weisman back in charge, it's clear that fans are in for more of the heartfelt, funny, adventurous, intense, dramatic, gut-wrenching, beautiful show that they fell in love with years ago.

Young Justice Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available for streaming on Netflix, and fans can visit YJS3.com to sign up for the latest updates about season 3 as they come in.