Ezra Miller Report Offers New Details on Accusations Against The Flash Star

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding Warner Bros. Discovery lately and their DC projects, including the shocking cancellation of the Batgirl movie. However, one project has been making headlines even more, and that's the upcoming The Flash movie. Unfortunately, the news surrounding the film is all about its star, Ezra Miller, who has had a lot of legal troubles this year. Last month, Miller released a statement confirming that they had begun undergoing treatment for their mental health. Today, Vanity Fair released an in-depth piece about Miller's "dark" spiral, which sheds even more light on the multiple accusations surrounding the actor.

Vanity Fair shares "disturbing new details" about Miller after speaking with more than a dozen people connected with the actor. The article goes into detail about the actor's infatuation with guns as well as their "controlling behavior." According to multiple people close to Miller, their behavior was partly due to the "emotional stress" of their parent's divorce, which began back in 2019. However, Miller's spokesperson denies this is a factor. "The matters leading up to their recent mental health concerns were a combination of complex, stress-related issues." 

Some of Miller's troubles occurred in Iceland, where they spent time with Jasper Young Bear, a 55-year-old North Dakota medicine man. Miller reportedly hired Young Bear as a spiritual adviser. "Jasper was telling Ezra that he wasn't a part of the movement, he was the movement-that he was the next Messiah, and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to kill him," a source told Vanity Fair, who notes that some of the people who have been interviewed about Miller sometimes misgender them. 

"He'd talk about the metaverse and the medicine and how they're the Messiah and what his work is here. They say their spiritual practice is to be among the people-which means party. So, when in Iceland, he was out nonstop. His favorite were raves, where he'd go on benders for two or three days at a time," one source shared. 

"He was telling these kids, 'You're going to be in my band, and I'm going to produce your album and you can run my music studio.' Whether they were visual artists, DJs, kids that were in college-or sometimes kids who might have been homeless-he would recruit them in a period of vulnerability, and promise them all of these things," another insider revealed. 

Miller has been accused of grooming and brainwashing 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, who Miller has known since Iron Eyes was 12. Their parents have filed protection orders against Miller, whose rep says that their relationship is platonic. "Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata's an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union is supposed to bring about the apocalypse," one source explained. "And that's the 'real' reason everyone is so opposed to them being together."

"If he is going through therapy, he's just acting through it," one of Miller's friends claimed. "The notion that The Flash was at risk was a wake-up call," the actor's rep added. Another source revealed that Miller was "claiming that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus." There are many more details surrounding Miller's history, which you can learn from Vanity Fair here.

Currently, The Flash is still scheduled to be released next year.