Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Deleted Darkseid Scene Recreated Visually

Last week, a storyboard for Zack Snyder's deleted Darkseid scene in Justice League surfaced. Now, fans have used a little bit of digital magic to bring that scene to life.

Shared to the DC Cinematic subreddit, one fan has taken parts of Justice League as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and combined them with the digital visualization of Darkseid from the DC video game Injustice: Gods Among Us and put them together to create a version of Snyder's storyboard scene. You can check out the video creation below.

FAN-MADE: Visual Representation of Zack Snyder’s Leaked Darkseid Storyboard from r/DC_Cinematic

In Snyder's storyboard -- which was sent anonymously to ForSnydercut and later confirmed to be authentic -- Cyborg plugs the Mother Box into the Genesis Chamber on the Kryptonian ship and has a vision of Darkseid on his thrown while the world is in shambles. The storyboard reveals a destroyed Hall of Justice and the Omega symbol emblazoned on the ground in a Darkseid-ruled planet Earth. The video captures this fairly accurately. While Darkseid is less sitting on his throne and more standing making pronouncements, pretty much everything else is there, from Cyborg working with the Mother Box, to a bleak, destroyed world, the Omega symbol clear on the ground as Batman surveys the damaged world with numerous blasts going off in the distance.

Both this fan-recreated scene and the storyboard itself are both a little bit different than a similar sequence that was seen in early screenings of the film that were presented to Warner Bros. executives. While several of those scenes ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor, one included Darkseid, though he was seen in Superman's vision, not Cyborg's. It's a scene that many fans still would like to see in a Snyder cut of Justice League, including Kevin Smith.

"Changed. Superman joins the fight and teams up with the League to defeat Steppenwolf, however at one point Steppenwolf tries to tempt Superman into joining his army, ready for this?" Smith said. "This made me so f****** angry, and we see Darkseid for the first time in Superman's vision and we see flashes of the nightmare footage that Batman had in Batman v Superman, however Superman snaps back out of it and delivers the final blow to defeat Steppenwolf."

Hopefully, fans will get to see Darkseid make his debut outside of a fan-made video sooner rather than later.

Next up for the DCEU is Aquaman, which lands in theaters on December 21. After that, it's time for Nightwing, which is scheduled for release February 1, 2019. Shazam! follows on April 5, 2019, and an untitled Justice League sequel is on the schedule for June 15, 2019, though that will probably not actually happen. Other projects in development include the Joker Origin Movie, Suicide Squad 2, and Wonder Woman 2.


Justice League is currently available digitally and will home video this April.