Kid Flash Wally West Confirmed to Return to The Flash After Crisis

Crisis on Infinite Earths has Arrowverse fans reeling after beginning to the big crossover. But, [...]

Crisis on Infinite Earths has Arrowverse fans reeling after beginning to the big crossover. But, even with some of those high-profile cameos, the question of where some other CW superhero staples are remains. One of those heroes that fans might be wondering about is Kid Flash. Keiynan Lonsdale played the character on The Flash for a while and even appeared on Legends of Tomorrow. But, he departed the Arrowverse as a regularly appearing actor back in Season 4 of Legends. Now, there is some news of the speedster making a grand return. TV Insider is reporting that Lonsdale is on deck to put his running shoes back on for some more adventures with Grant Gustin and company. The arrival won't be in time for Crisis, so if you were thinking Wally would come through as a Deus Ex Machina, keep dreaming. A return is being targeted for Episode 14 of Season 6 and that means that Lonsdale won't be mixing it up with any of these Anti-Monitor shenanigans. But, Eric Wallace is offering the words that fans of the Love Simon actor have been dying to hear since he made his exit.

Wallace begins, "After working on his inner life in Tibet, Wally West, aka Kid Flash, is back to help Team Flash against a familiar threat... but one with a very new face!" He would go on to mention, "As always, it's a real treat having our Flash family member Keiynan Lonsdale back to play the youthful speedster, but what's different this time [is that] Wally has grown, along with his speedster abilities, too."

The showrunner was also sure to mention that this isn't the same Wally West that people remember from his first experience on the show. Wallace adds, "this won't be your same old Kid Flash making a reappearance…a fresher, more exciting direction for character as Wally — just like the rest of Team Flash — deals with a post-Crisis world."

Well, that reveal certainly injects even more hype into the rest of Season 6 as Crisis continues. Right now, things won't pick back up for a while, but maybe that is for the best after the drama that the beginning of the event has brought. Whatever the Arrowverse looks like after this thing wraps up, Lonsdale will be there to offer some aid to The Flash and his allies in their new reality.

Crisis on Infinite Earths returns in January.