'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Seeing Red"

'Seeing Red' begins with Orlin questioning the nurse he lives with about his niece's case in the [...]

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"Seeing Red" begins with Orlin questioning the nurse he lives with about his niece's case in the hospital. Later, Cicada works on taking out metahumans in a dark alleyway.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin is trying to work on the cure when Ralph walks in to help. The stretchy man suggests she work with Killer Frost on the situation but the latter explains it doesn't work like that way.

Iris calls a meeting in the main room and reveals that Cicada killed three metas the previous night. Just as they're discussing what to do, the alarm starts going off again and they're alerted to Cicada's presence elsewhere in Central City.

Barry, Nora, Killer Frost, and Ralph speed to the scene and attempt to rescue the meta Cicada stabbed. Eventually Cicada knocks out Nora and is able to escape with the rest of the team concerned with their ailing friend. Back in the med bay, Caitlin informs the group that Cicada severely broke Nora's back and took away her healing powers — as of now, she's paralyzed.

Sherloque and Ralph do some digging and find that Cicada somehow obtained a list of metahumans from the police department and is working on killing everyone on the list. Barry and Cecile approach Captain Singh about the list and the police captain says he wants Barry and Cecile to have nothing to do with the investigation.

On the way out of the police department, Cecile tells Barry she's going to try getting help from federal agents with the situation. Barry decides to try rescuing everyone on the list before Cicada gets to them — he enlists the help of Killer Frost and Ralph.

The group tracks down Norvok first and he decides to go with them. We find out the baddies origins as he was working at a local zoo on the night the particle accelerator failed. As Norvok and Killer Frost have a heart-to-heart, Barry tracks down all of the metahumans on the list.

Barry races back to their safehouse when he realizes there's only one meta left on the list — Peek-A-Boo. He goes to her store and tries to get her to leave, but she doesn't trust him. Before long, Cicada arrives and the trio begins fighting. Barry and PeekABo eventually escape.

At their safe house, Barry talks to Cecile and she uses her powers to feel Barry thoughts, realizing he wants to kill Cicada. Then, Cecile realizes she felts those same feelings before — when they were at the police department. Cecile realizes she knows who leaked the list.

At STAR Labs, Iris pulls Sherloque aside and confronts him about his investigation on Nora. Sherloque plays dumb and Iris warns him to stop. When Iris goes back into Nora's room, she finds her walking about.

Back at the safehouse, Ralph and Killer Frost continue their talk about the cure from earlier. Killer Frost reveals she's afraid that Caitlin will end up taking her but Ralph tries to persuade her otherwise. Just as the group is about the leave the safehouse via helicopter, Cicada arrives to stop them.

Ralph leads the group around back to get on the hovering chopper while Barry and Killer Frost stay behind to fight Cicada. Barry's able to use Flashtime to knock out Cicada and as he's about to deliver the final blow, Nora speeds in and stops him. As Barry's distracted by his daughter, Cicada escapes.

At CCPD, Cecile and Captain Singh locate the police officer that printed off the list to provide Dwyer. He tries escaping the police department but is soon arrested.

In her lab, Caitlin is having an internal conversation with Killer Frost and promises her alter ego that she'll never take the cure. Killer Frost reveals she was able to get a DNA sample from Cicada to aid in their research on the cure.

Despite Iris' warning, Sherloque continues his investigation on Nora and runs diagnostics on Nora's journal. He finds out that the journal was written by two people.

At dinner later that night, Barry and Iris are talking about their love for Nora when Barry has a epiphany — they need to get to Orlin's heart. Barry mentions they need to do what they can to wake up Grace.