Former Superman Movie Actor May Appear In Justice League

Comic book movies, Superman films in particular, have a rich tradition of tying back to their previous films. These Easter Eggs create fun content for the fans, but also praise the work of those who came before.

It looks like Zack Snyder's Justice League may follow suit.

There was a special screening of Superman II in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, and one of the stars of the film let on that he may be appearing in Justice League next year.

(Photo: Warner Brothers)

The film featured a Q&A after the screening, and actors Marc McClure and Sarah Douglas were on the panel. McClure played Jimmy Olsen in the film, and Douglas portrayed Ursa.

When asked if he would be involved in any current, or upcoming, Superman projects, McClure gave a pretty revealing answer.

First, he mentioned that he has a role on the upcoming TV series, Powerless. While this show does take place in the DC universe, it focuses on a group of Wayne Enterprises scientists rather than the Man of Steel.

After mentioning that his role on the series would be recurring, he dropped a major hint at his inclusion in the Justice League movie.

The actor stated that he would also be appearing in a movie at the end of 2017. Remember, he was asked about Superman properties he would appear in, and Justice League is slated to premiere in November of 2017.

It looks like we may get another chance at Jimmy Olsen in the DCEU after all. The character was seemingly killed off in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and fans seemed to be upset at his untimely death.