'Freedom Fighters: The Ray' Season 2 to Include the Arrowverse Return of Mari McCabe

It looks like Ray Terrill/The Ray (Russell Tovey) will have some new friends in the second season [...]

It looks like Ray Terrill/The Ray (Russell Tovey) will have some new friends in the second season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

CW Seed recently shared a new piece of character design for The Ray, which teases that Mari McCabe/Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke) will return within the show's second season. You can check it out below.

This marks Mari's first appearance in the Arrowverse in over two years, since the second season of the Vixen animated series debuted on CW Seed. In the meantime, Mari's grandmother Amaya Jiwe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) has been occupying the Vixen role in the Arrowverse, as a regular player on Legends of Tomorrow. While Mari's future has played a role in Amaya's arc, fans have primarily seen Mari in archival footage and the like over the past few years.

It's unclear if this version of Mari will be the Earth-1 incarnation, or if she will be a Freedom Fighter on the alternate universe of Earth-X. A similar sort of circumstance happened with Cisco Ramon/Vibe (Carlos Valdes) in The Ray's first season, so it's honestly anyone's guess at this point.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray tells the origin story of Ray Terrill (Russell Tovey), a man who reluctantly becomes a superhero after he is visited by his dying Earth-X doppelganger. As the light-powered superhero The Ray, Ray fights the Nazi villains of Earth-X, while building up the courage to come out as gay to his parents.

For Arrowverse fans, seeing Ray and Mari cross paths onscreen will surely be a delight, especially considering the ways that both have entered the TV space. As of now, details are still relatively slim on The Ray's second season, which is expected to debut this week. But it sounds like Tovey has some ideas in mind. While it's unclear if and when Tovey will reprise his role in the live-action space, he was pretty optimistic about returning for a future animated adventure.

"I just hope that people really connect with this guy, and project onto him and want him around." Tovey explained to ComicBook.com late last year. "So he can go anywhere and be able to tell more stories. How many Earths are there? 50-something different Earths. So on another Earth, there's gonna be stuff going down that The Ray can help with, and the Freedom Fighters."

"And you're gonna see through [Freedom Fighters' first season] how Ray Terrill, how his acceptance of himself and who he truly is nourishes, enriches, and makes him a better person." Tovey continued. "And how, going forward, that develops into happiness and relationships and in his real world. I'd like to just explore that, you know? If people like the character, then they're willing to see him go anywhere. And I hope that people are really gonna love this guy and just want him to show them what he's up to."

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The second season of Freedom Fighters: The Ray will be available on CW Seed starting July 18th.