Geoff Johns Clarifies To Seth Meyers That DC Universe Rebirth Is Not A Reboot

Seth Meyers Geoff Johns
(Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Geoff Johns brought his A game with DC's Rebirth special, and he recently stopped by the Late Show with Seth Meyers to talk about the project.

Meyers, a self-professed comic fan, asked Johns about what sets Rebirth apart from other events that seek to restart their respective universes.

When asked if this was, in fact, starting over, Geoff Johns quickly responded: "No, thank God. I think with all comics, like comics to me are like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, comic books to me are that apple. I feel like superheroes are, they're junk food that is really good for you. People think they are just for pop and awe, but they actually mean something, they're inspirational, and DC Comics, like in the DNA are all about hope and inspiration, and we needed to get back to that, and so the comic books, they're not rebooting, which is a dirty word, that's a swear word in the comic book world, because it means that everything you've ever read and bought doesn't exist anymore, but the relaunch is just approaching it with a new light and bringing every character that hasn't been around back."

Meyer's then asked Johns if he felt a significant weight when putting together this project, and in getting these characters just right.

"Absolutely. Yeah, because you love it, and the only reason, like when you're a kid and you saw another kid reading a comic book, you go talk to him. And when I moved to a new school and didn't have anyone to talk to, I saw a kid reading a comic book and he became my best friend because of that. It's like music, it brings people together, and to me there is a big responsibility because you want to share the love for these characters with other people."


DC Universe Rebirth #1 is out in comic stores today.