Geoff Johns Shares First Details About His New DC Comics Label

Geoff Johns has had an ever-growing impact on the DC Comics world, and it looks like that could soon be taken to new heights.

In his Spotlight panel at today's San Diego Comic-Con festivities, Johns briefly spoke about his new "The Killing Zone" banner, which will be a space for him to debut new projects surrounding both new and obscure DC Comics properties.

"What my next project is, I wanted to challenge myself again," Johns explained during the panel. "I've got a banner of a bunch of different books, and basically they form one big tapestry even though they're all different titles. It's stories that take place from the 1940s to the 2040s. There will be characters in there — some characters who haven't been at the forefront of DC for decades, and then a lot of new characters, too."

According to Johns, the pop-up label will begin being published in May of 2019, and will feature Johns using characters to tell a politically-relevant story.

"Every character that has their own book [in Killing Zone] I don't think I've written them ever," Johns said. "Like with Doomsday Clock, I think I wanted to channel what my frustration with the political climate in America. With this, the idea for it sparked when I was in Washington DC and they drove by the White House and someone said 'I can't stand to look at the White House.' I was like, 'Why? The White House is the White House, and the American flag is about the American flag.'"

At the moment, it's unclear exactly what books will be published under the "Killing Zone" banner, and what characters will be used under that umbrella. But with the imprint's launch date less than a year away, hopefully fans won't have to wait too long to find out.

"The Killing Zone" is just the latest project for Johns to produce for DC Entertainment, since he stepped down as the company's president and CCO. Johns will also be penning a new Shazam! series and a Three Jokers miniseries, as well as developing a live-action Stargirl show.


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