Geoff Johns Promoted to President of DC Entertainment

Bleeding Cool is reporting what many reporters who attended Comic Con Interntional in San Diego [...]

Geoff Johns
(Photo: Zach D. Roberts)

Bleeding Cool is reporting what many reporters who attended Comic Con Interntional in San Diego had already heard over the weekend: that Geoff Johns has added "President" to his job title at DC Entertainment. can confirm that we have learned the same from a second source.

The promotion, which does not strip him of the title of Chief Creative Officer but instead adds to his responsibilities, reportedly came at the same time he was promoted to overseeing the film side of things with veteran producer Jon Berg.

Johns, whose new title is officially Chief Creative Officer & President, reports directly to President Diane Nelson, who is also the Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It's not uncommon for Presidents to answer to other Presidents at Warner Bros., and since Nelson has been in charge of running the ship at DC since they added "Entertainment" to the name, it's likely everyone will continue to answer to her as long as she's with the company.

DC Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee will continue to answer directly to Nelson, as they have for some time.

DC declined to comment for this story. While can't find any record of Warner Bros. officially announcing Johns's promotion on the film side, either, producers on the set of Justice League confirmed it during a recent set visit, as well as the long-standing rumors that he is writing the next Batman movie with star Ben Affleck.

Johns's involvement on the film side reportedly ramped up while Suicide Squad was in post-production, with Wonder Woman and Justice League both heavily influenced by the veteran comic book writer, who recently wrote DC Universe Rebirth #1 and is currently taking some time away from comics to focus on his other responsibilities.

Longtime DC Vice President of Marketing John Cunningham has now been promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales and Trade Marketing as part of a recent reorganization on that side reportedly spurred by the departure of SVP of Sales Bob Wayne. At a press breakfast on Friday, the publisher also revealed that both Marie Javins and Jamie S. Rich had been promoted to Group Editors.