'Gotham' Reveals First Look at ACE Chemicals in Season 5 Trailer

Jeremiah Valeska may not yet be referred to as 'The Joker' on Gotham, but he's certainly about to [...]

Jeremiah Valeska may not yet be referred to as "The Joker" on Gotham, but he's certainly about to get the iconic origin of the Clown Prince of Crime. In the full-length trailer for Gotham's final season, which was released on Friday, fans got their first glimpse of ACE Chemicals.

If you're familiar with DC Comics, you'll know that the most popular origin story for Joker revolves around a mishap involving the glowing materials at ACE Chemicals. The man who would go on to become the Joker was fell into the chemicals, turning his skin white and driving him a little mad in the process.

Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) got a similar treatment in Gotham Season 4, when his twin brother Jerome (Also Monaghan) poisoned him with laughing gas. It was then revealed that Jeremiah's skin had been turned white, and that he was even more of a twisted villain than his brother was.

By the looks of this Gotham trailer, the Joker's origin story will involve both ACE Chemicals and Jeremiah's obsession with Bruce. At one point in the new footage, the two characters go toe-to-toe in a fight on the bridge overlooking the chemicals, so it's not a stretch to think that exchange could end with Jeremiah finding his way at the bottom of one of the barrels.

gotham ace chemicals
(Photo: FOX)

Back in October, during a visit to the Gotham set in New York, ComicBook.com spoke with Monaghan about the ACE Chemicals storyline, as an episode title had already confirmed the existence of the landmark. While he didn't want to spoil anything about the story, Monaghan had a hard time holding back his excitement for what ACE Chemicals brings to Gotham.

"Yeah, I mean it's obviously a huge landmark within the mythos and it is relating to Jeremiah," Monaghan told us. "I don't want to say exactly what happens and how it goes down, but it's really, really f---ing cool. I'm excited for it."

Are you excited for Gotham to take on the ACE Chemicals storyline? What do you think of the final season trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Gotham's fifth and final season premieres on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 8 pm ET on FOX.