David Mazouz Names His Favorite ‘Gotham’ Episode

Over the course of four seasons, Gotham has mined the Batman mythos and adapted many popular [...]

Over the course of four seasons, Gotham has mined the Batman mythos and adapted many popular storylines, showing the origins of the Caped Crusader's many different allies and villains.

And given his involvement as Bruce Wayne, it's obvious that actor David Mazouz would have a preference. The Gotham star revealed his favorite about his character while speaking with EW at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

"My favorite episode, because it's great for Bruce and it's great for the entire show. I think it looks fantastic. It is the episode where Jerome kidnaps Bruce and they go to the circus in Season Three. That was an iconic moment because that was the episode where Bruce says 'I'm not going to kill.' Which is kind of Batman's defining feature, especially when it comes to his distinction [from] any other superhero. That's something that hasn't gone away, that's something he still carries with him and he still believes more than anything. That's my favorite moment."

Mazouz is referring to the Season Three winter finale, "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies." In the episode, Joker Lite AKA Jerome kidnaps Bruce Wayne and intends to kill him in front of an audience at a carnival. Bruce escapes, resulting in a tense chase through a fun house maze where he gains the upper hand on Jerome — but refuses to kill his rival. This puts him on the direct path to becoming Batman.

The final season will accelerate that journey, and Mazouz said he wants to have one good storyline with a villain he's yet to truly spar with: Edward Nygma.

"Nygma, I had one scene with and it was like through a glass so like, it doesn't count," Mazouz said. "That's amazing, like four years, eighty-eight episodes so far, we have no scenes two central characters, like how is that possible. We need to fix that.

"And also he is, Nygma is my favorite villain. I love his evolution, and Cory's the nicest guy. He's one of the most brilliant actors I've ever worked with...almost worked with, and I would love to actually have a scene with him."

With all of the chaos from the end of Season Four, expect a roller coaster ride as the series heads towards its end game.

"Last season ended with the government showing its back to Gotham. It's a dark island, little electricity, food, ammo, all that kind of stuff — this kind of situation brings out kind of the [characteristics] of all the characters that we know and it's going to be very character-driven this year, and the characters are finally gonna become who we know them as," Mazouz said.

"It's really fast-paced, it's really real, it feels really dark and — I don't want to give away too much, but it's really good. It's a really good season."

Gotham returns to FOX in January for its fifth and final season.