'Gotham' Producer Shares New Photos of Jerome in Season 4

Jerome has returned to Gotham for yet another bloody affair.The promo for the second half of the [...]

Jerome has returned to Gotham for yet another bloody affair.

The promo for the second half of the season gave fans an fairly deep look at Jerome's return, teasing a dangerous partnership with Penguin and an uprising at Arkham Asylum. Now, a month or so after the promo aired, one Gotham producer has shared a couple of new photos of Jerome from the upcoming Season 4 episodes.

Danny Cannon, executive producer of the series, took to his Instagram account to share a couple of new images of Jerome, and it looks like he's in for a beating.

As we saw in the promo footage, Jerome and Penguin get into a pretty heavy fist fight. Penguin beats Jerome bloody, but the chaos-driven villain just continues to laugh with the pain. In the photo below, we get a new shot of Jerome in the fight, and he looks even worse for wear that we initially thought. Still, through all of that blood, Jerome continues to smile.


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In Cannon's other photo, Jerome is carefully explaining something to Penguin, with what looks like a key held in his right hand. Could the duo be planning their grand escape?

No matter what happens, the combination of Penguin and Jerome can't be good for Gotham. The former wants to bring revenge upon the entire city, while the latter will do anything he can to cause as much chaos as humanly possible. If this pair can figure out just how to work together, a new kind of danger lies ahead.

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Gotham will return to FOX with new episodes this spring.