'Gotham': Jerome to Join Forces With Scarecrow and Mad Hatter This Season

Penguin isn't the only villain teaming up with Jerome Valeska on Gotham this season.Fans of FOX's [...]

Penguin isn't the only villain teaming up with Jerome Valeska on Gotham this season.

Fans of FOX's Batman prequel series have been looking forward to Jerome and Penguin working together, ever since the two chaotic characters met in December's midseason finale. Unfortunately for the good guys in Gotham City, Jerome will have even more villains at his side as some point this spring.

While speaking with EW, Gotham star Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) was asked about Jerome's upcoming arc, and he revealed that the character had more than one trick up his sleeve.

"Jerome is one of our most beloved characters. The idea here was to really give the audience more time to enjoy and savor [Cameron Monaghan's] performance," McKenzie said, pausing before he adds, "Or performances?"

Could that mean that Jerome and the Joker might actually be one in the same, despite the fact that everyone involved with Gotham continues to say otherwise? We won't know until season continues, but McKenzie did reveal who else will find themselves siding with Jerome as Gotham sits on the brink of chaos.

"He teams up with Scarecrow and Mad Hatter," McKenzie said. You get a lot of villainous bang for your buck here at the end of season 4."

This is puts the people of Gotham City in serious danger going forward. Both Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter are known for their work with poisons and chemicals. The former utilizes a gas that makes you see your darkest fears, while the latter turned the entire city into an army of bloodthirsty maniacs.

The idea of Jerome recruiting many of Gotham's biggest villains is one that has been echoed several times over the last couple of months. Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome, tweeted a picture of a slew of villains from The Long Halloween comic series, teasing that the show would be doing something similar.

Earlier this year, David Mazouz, who stars as Bruce Wayne on the series, revealed that all of Gotham's baddies would be coming out to play this season.

"Oh yeah, that basically is the second half of Season 4." Mazouz said. "Essentially all of the villains on the show, all the terrifying ones at least, will team up. It will basically be the Justice League of Gotham villains. They're gonna basically terrorize the city over the next 11 episodes. All the good guys are gonna have a part in taking them down, because there are just so many of them. Of course it's spearheaded by the man that posted it himself, Jerome. Everybody is involved, somehow, in this massive fight against this band of villains. It's so cool. I loved every single time I got a script these past couple of months. It's so cool, the idea of everybody teaming up like that."

Things are getting dangerous in the streets of Gotham this season, and it will be up to Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne to keep things under control.

New episodes of Gotham air on Thursday nights at 8pm ET on FOX.