'Gotham': Penguin and Riddler Reunite in New Photo

Despite countless efforts to kill one another, it looks like Gotham's most polarizing partners [...]

Despite countless efforts to kill one another, it looks like Gotham's most polarizing partners have found each other once again.

In a new photo posted by producer Danny Cannon, Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) have reunited in the streets of Gotham, which may come as a surprise to some fans of FOX's Batman prequel series. While the duo has been celebrated as one of the beloved couples in the show, they have spent the better part of two years trying desperately to erase each other from existence.

Fortunately for the fans who like watching the duo together, they seem to find themselves in high spirits, and all may not be lost after all.

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The image that Cannon shared recently shows Peguin and Nygma walking side-by-side in an alley, as they've done numerous times before. The tables seem to have turned however, as Nygma is the one that's clean-cut and professional this time around. Penguin looks disheveled, still wearing his Arkham Asylum outfit underneath his coat.

Cannon didn't mention when in the season this scene would take place but, judging by the clothes worn by both men, it's certainly from one of the upcoming spring episodes.

Earlier in the season, Robin Lord Taylor spoke exclusively to ComicBook.com about the relationship between Penguin and Nygma, and he revealed that their bond isn't one to be easily broken.

"Well right now, where we're at; Nygma isn't himself," Taylor said. "He's changed his personality and is in some scattered place. As he was unfrozen from the block of ice, Part of him detached from himself, and he's been sort of trying to find it.

"Oswald has been through this before as well, as we saw in season two. Having been released from Arkham completely different person, he doesn't know where he is. And the thing that Nygma did for him then was he reminded him of who he is, he gave him back his personality, his soul. And I think we're always gonna sort of see that kind of dance. They still didn't define each other in a very fundamental way, and then again, they can never really kill each other. It's like the classic hunter going out somewhere and seeing a beautiful animal, and then deciding it's a worthy opponent, and then deciding not to kill it because it would be a shame. Oswald has yet to really find someone who is weirdly a friend and an enemy at the same time. They just have a very fundamental connection."

Gotham is set to return to FOX with new episodes this spring.