'Gotham': Penguin Gets Candid in Exclusive Season 4 Deleted Scene

Oswald Cobblepot is going to get exactly what he wants, and you don't want to be the person [...]

Oswald Cobblepot is going to get exactly what he wants, and you don't want to be the person standing in his way. This is the dangerous picture he paints for Sofia Falcone in a deleted scene from Gotham's recent fourth season.

The scene, which you can watch in the video above, is from the sixth episode of the season, "Hog Day Afternoon." Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) tells newcomer Sofia (Crystal Reed) about his care for people, and how it can never factor in to the decisions he makes when trying to control Gotham City.

"Despite everything, I think the best of people," Penguin explains. "Right up to the moment they force me to kill them."

Sofia tries to tell Oswald that she isn't going to be getting in his way, that he can trust her. Of course, Penguin pays her pleas no mind, and responds, "Funny, that's everyone says. Right before I kill them."

Given that Gotham Season 4 is already in the books, we know how this scenario eventually plays out. Penguin doesn't kill Sofia, which ends up turning into one of the biggest mistakes the villain has ever made. As it turns out, Sofia was the mastermind behind most of the chaos plaguing Gotham in the first half of the season. She was the one who hired Professor Pyg, and she manipulated both Penguin and Jim Gordon into obeying her every command. This resulted in Penguin being framed for the murder of a child and thrown into Arkham Asylum.

Now, heading into the fifth and final season of the Batman prequel series, the roles of both characters have reversed in a major way. Sofia remains in a coma after being shot in the head by Lee. Penguin remains in Gotham after the detonation of Jeremiah Valeska's bombs, leaving most of the city in ruins. The villain has staked his claim and is preparing to take over the town once and for all, but he will have to go through several other evildoers in the process.

Sadly, it will still be a few months until we see what happens next. Gotham's final season isn't set to air on FOX until sometime in early 2019. Until then however, you'll be able to rewatch Gotham Season 4 when it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, August 21.

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