New 'Gotham' Extended Preview Has The Joker Easter Egg

Gotham fans got their wish during last week's midseason finale with Jerome's (Cameron Monaghan) return and now the extended preview for the series' return this spring is giving fans a significant Joker Easter egg, too.

In the preview, a shackled Joker-esque Jerome walks up and leans in close to the camera before it cuts away and a very significant item is dropped onto a table: a playing card of The Joker.


Fans of Gotham have long wanted Jerome to return to the series after his last appearance season three's "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" and finally got their wish nearly a year later when the character appeared in the final moments of last week's episode as Penguin's neighbor in Arkham Asylum. And while the preview reveals the two villains working together to lead an uprising within Arkham in addition to that Joker playing card, fans might not want to get too attached to the idea that Jerome will be the Joker they've been waiting for. spoke exclusively with Gotham co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt back in October and at that time, Wynbrant revealed that while Jerome has the set the groundwork for someone to eventually become the iconic Batman villain, Jerome himself is just a tribute to that character.

"Obviously Jerome is our homage," Wynbrandt said. "He's obviously not the Joker himself, although he clearly seems to be the impetus that eventually creates the Joker. The more that we see him, the more he carves out his own path I'd say. I wouldn't say he becomes more the Joker, but the Jerome character continues to evolve."


But with that tantalizing Easter egg, Gotham fans are sure to be hoping that evolution gets Jerome a little closer to the Clown Prince of Crime.

Gotham is presently on winter break. The show will return to Fox early in 2018.