'Gotham' Recap With Spoilers - 'Let Them Eat Pie'

Professor Pyg is in disguise, rounding up homeless people and feeding them. It turns out the food [...]

Professor Pyg is in disguise, rounding up homeless people and feeding them. It turns out the food was poisoned, and Pyg puts on his mask to begin carving up the dead.

Jim arrives at GCPD and Harvey is cleaning out the captain's office. They begin talking about their different takes on how to police Gotham. Harvey doesn't think Jim has what it takes, and he leaves.

At the orphanage, Penguin and Sofia are talking about an upcoming fundraiser, where Gotham's wealthiest are gathering. Penguin calls out Sofia for appointing Jim as GCPD captain. He also says that the mayor is missing, so he's going to go find him. She says that the children are doing a song during the dinner and that it would mean the world to them if he showed up. When Sofia leaves, Penguin decides he's going to use Martin, the young boy he befriended, to follow Sofia around and figure out her next move. Sofia then calls Jim to tell him that Penguin suspects she paid the mayor to get him promoted. She then says that the mayor left town.

Pyg calls Jim at the station and he says that he listened to what Jim said about the rot in Gotham. He's going to start targeting Gotham's elite, and he tells Jim to go outside for a little taste of what's to come. Outside, a tent is set up, and it's filled with two dead people, dresses like royals, and being eaten by pigs.

Bruce comes down to his kitchen, clearly hungover from another night hanging out with Tommy Elliot, and Alfred calls him out for his recent change in lifestyle. To get him back on track, Alfred is taking Bruce on a hike, an annual tradition he used to participate in with his father.

Lucius talks with Jim about the bodies found in the tent, and all of their organs have been removed. They try to break down the message Pyg was trying to send. Jim heads to the Narrows to try and find out what Pyg is up to. The investigation leads him to an abandoned paper factory where he finds more bodies with similar wounds that are all missing organs. He also finds a smoker. It's clear that Pyg is cooking the people that he's killing. Pyg shows up and takes Harper hostage. He says that the table isn't set and that Jim has to wait so he can see the final act. Pyg throws Harper into his van and drives off.

Bruce and Alfred drive into the woods. They exit the car and begin their hike.

Penguin talks with Martin and says that he need the boy's help spying on Sofia. Martin agrees that he can participate in Penguin's plan, and the two shake on their agreement.

Jim orders members of the GCPD to check a couple of places for Pyg. Reporters then surround him with questions about Pyg and it's clear they have more info than they should. Lucius suggest that the Pyg could have been the one leaking the information. He then takes Jim to a spot in the factory where Pyg wrote a paragraph from "A Modest Proposal" that leads Jim to believe that Pyg is going to do something at the orphanage. Sofia is checking in with the chef at her event, and it's Pyg in disguise. He shows her his new dish, "Gotham Meat Pies."

Bruce and Alfred are in the woods, cooking some dinner. Alfred tells him the story about how he met Thomas Wayne. Bruce's father saved Alfred's life, and he wants to do the same for Bruce. He tells Alfred he doesn't want to talk about that at the moment. Bruce then lies to Alfred and heads to the car, leaving just as Alfred figures it out.

Over at the orphanage, Penguin tells Sofia that he couldn't find the mayor. When she goes to check on the chef, Martin follows her. Sofia catches Martin spying on her and asks what he's writing. Jim arrives and gets in a fight with one of the waiters, who seems to be helping Pyg. Pyg knocks Jim out and locks him in a room, where he finds Harper tied up. Sofia sends a few of the rich people in attendance to head into the dining room where the children have prepared a song. Sofia stays back to talk to Penguin when they hear gunshots. Pyg, with his mask on, comes to retrieve them for dinner.

Jim and Harper begin looking for a way to get the door off it's hinges so they can break out. Pyg begins playing music so he can perform in front of the Gotham elite, who all have plates in front of them. As Pyg sings names of dead people, a plate is uncovered with a pie and a picture of one of the homeless people. Sofia tries to stand up to Pyg during his song, and he stabs her hand into the table. He says that the children and staff are locked in the kitchen. He then tells the rich that they've fed off of the poor for years and now they are going to know what they taste like. He then tells the rich the names of the people that are cooked into the pies. When they refuse to eat, Pyg says that he'll kill Martin if they don't eat. When one rich man says that the kid is just an orphan, Penguin takes the knife from Sofia's hand and kills the man. Pyg again threatens Martin, and Penguin begins eating the pie in front of him. Penguin then freaks out, telling everyone else to eat.

Jim escapes from the room he's locked in and begins trying to find out where Pyg is keeping everyone else. He arrives and tries to stop Pyg. Penguin gets Martin to safety just as Pyg begins throwing knives at Jim. Sofia escapes and Jim starts to fight Pyg on top of the table. Jim stabs Pyg in the shoulder to stop him.

Now safe, Penguin checks on Sofia. He tells her that Martin is okay and then confronts her about Jim. She admits it because she knew that the Pax Penguina was going to hurt him and Jim was the only solution. He says he'd be justified in killing her, but her love for kids like Martin is real and he lets this go. She promises to never betray him again and that, if he wants a new police captain, than he needs to pick someone.

Outside, Jim puts Pyg into the back of a police car. He tells reporters that the Pyg is officially in custody. They thank him for his work. He looks up into the orphanage and sees Sofia.

Bruce has a bunch of teenagers partying in Wayne Manor when Alfred shows up and tells everyone to leave. Bruce says that it's his house. After Tommy challenges Alfred, the friends leave. When everyone is gone Bruce tells Alfred that he doesn't understand what he's going through and that he can't help him. Alfred says that he can help with how Bruce feels if he would just let him. Bruce tells Alfred that , if he really wants to help him, he can stop trying to be his father and start trying to be his butler. Bruce tells Alfred to clean up and then leaves.

Jim goes into the orphanage to talk to Sofia. She kisses him and Jim is taken back. Outside, Penguin is waiting in the car and Martin comes to tell him that he saw Sofia kiss Jim. She earlier told Penguin that Jim meant nothing to her. He tells Martin that Sofia will pay for lying to him.