Professor Pyg Goes Ham in Terrifying 'Gotham' Red Band Trailer

Already one of the most terrifying villains to appear in Gotham, Professor Pyg (Michael Cerveris) is taking things to a whole new level in this Thursday's episode. "Let Them Eat Pie," the new episode set to release later this week, is sure to be a terrifying affair, and Fox has released a red band trailer to get fans excited.

The trailer begins by telling Professor Pyg's story on Gotham, basically recapping what the character has done in the few episodes he's been on the show. About halfway through, the video transitions into a teaser for the upcoming episode, and we get a chance to see how truly menacing the villain can be.

In the new footage, Pyg hosts a dinner for Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed), as well as some other members of Gotham City's high society. However, all isn't as it seems, as Pyg takes a page out of Sweeney Todd's playbook, baking human meat into pies and feeding it to his guests.

This bit isn't from Pyg's story in the comics, but it reveals an incredible connection for one Gotham star.

For those who aren't familiar, Michael Cerveris is a highly-celebrated Broadway actor, and is most well-known for his Tony-nominated take on Sweeney Todd. The musical is about a barber, Sweeney Todd, who seeks revenge on the death of his wife by killing people in his shop, and having them baked into pies and fed to the London masses in order to cover his tracks.


The new episode is clearly a giant nod to Cerveris' time on Broadway and will even include a musical number. Could there be a better way to honor a guest actor who has left such a mark on Gotham, especially one with such a rich history in musical theater?

Watch the full trailer above, and be sure to tune in to "Let Them Eat Pie" this Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.