'Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor Breaks Down the "Foolish" Relationship Between Lee and Nygma

For most of Gotham's fourth season, Ed Nygma and Lee Thompkins have been paired up in the Narrows, [...]

For most of Gotham's fourth season, Ed Nygma and Lee Thompkins have been paired up in the Narrows, working together to make a lives for themselves and the people of that neighborhood. While this started as more of an unfortunate business partnership, it's blossomed into a love story that most fans didn't see coming.

Is the couple actually legit? Or is Lee just manipulating Nygma to get what she wants? In the eyes of Penguin, who once loved Ed Nygma, it's definitely the latter, and both of them are just being foolish by thinking their relationship could actually work.

At Heroes and Villains FanFest Nashville this weekend, ComicBook.com spoke exclusively with Robin Lord Taylor, who has portrayed Gotham's Penguin for the last four years. When we brought up the topic of Nygma and Lee's relationship, and where Penguin stands on the couple, Taylor simply chuckled and shook his head.

"I think Oswald thinks that Lee is totally ridiculous," he told us. "She's making an enormous mistake. Oswald learned that, for him and Edward Nymga to coexist in Gotham City, there can be no feelings involved. Like I touched on before, to love is to be used, to be abused. So I think he looks at the whole Thompkins/Nygma situation and he's just shaking his head being like, 'Fools.' They're being foolish."

Those are some harsh words, but no one knows of the heartbreak that Gotham City can bring quite like Oswald Cobblepot. After fully realizing his love for Nygma, and opening himself up to another person for the first time, Oswald quickly learned that he can't really trust anybody, and love will always get in the way of his goal of one day ruling the town he holds so dear.

Is the same fate in store for Nygma when this relationship ultimately ends? Will Lee find her way back to former lover Jim Gordon? Let us know what you think by dropping a line in the comments below!

Gotham's Season 4 finale, titled "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land," will air on Thursday, May 17 at 8pm ET on FOX.