'Gotham' Getting a New Batcave in Season 5

Bruce Wayne is going to finalize his transition into Batman when Gotham comes to a close in Season 5, which means he's going to get a lot of the Dark Knight's iconic pieces. This likely includes the Batcave, which will be getting an all-new look and location this time around.

The cave beneath Wayne Manor has been seen on Gotham more than once throughout the series. Bruce and Alfred explored it one point earlier on in the show, and it came back around in Season 4 in a couple of vision sequences in which Bruce saw a potentially grown version of himself amongst the bats. The cave has been a pivotal part of Batman's history, and it's slowly becoming important to Gotham.

In Season 5, this soon-to-be Batcave is getting an upgrade in size, which means that the show will likely be spending a little more time there over the course of the final episodes. Set designer and assistant art director Jonathan Collins shared a photo of the work he's doing on the new cave.

"When your old cave is too small for your new cave," Collins wrote in a post on Instagram. The message accompanied a photo of some drawings, highlighting a much larger cave set than we've seen in the past. Take a look!

When your old cave is too small for your new cave. #setdesign

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While this photo doesn't give us any detail as to what the cave will look like in Season 5, or what might be hiding out in that cave, it does confirm that the show will be spending more time there. The old size has been more than enough for the couple of scenes that have been shot there in the past. An upgrade in size tells us that Gotham is looking to film even more in the Batcave this time around, and that the set will have to be a little more intricate.


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Gotham's fifth and final season is set to arrive sometime in early 2019.