'Gotham' Season 5 Premiere Date Reportedly Revealed

Fans have eagerly waited for the final season of Gotham, finishing Bruce Wayne's journey to becoming Batman in the FOX series. With production on the final season underway, we knew that new episodes wouldn't be coming in 2018. But now we have an idea of when they're coming.

According to a new report from fan site Gotham Hub, the fifth and final season of Gotham is set to premiere on March 15, 2019.

While that might seem like a long wait for the show's return, at least fans have a target date in sight. Hopefully that makes the sixth month wait go by a lot quicker.

The new season is embracing the Batman comic book storyline "No Man's Land" while also combining elements of Batman: Year One and "Zero Year," offering a new take of the Caped Crusader's origin.

Actor Andrew Sellon, who is playing new character Mr. Penn, teased the events of the final season would be shocking for Gotham fans.

"If you thought Gotham was a tough town before, you ain't seen nothin' yet," Andrew Sellon, who plays Mr. Penn, said in an interview earlier this year. "No Man's Land is literally a war zone, and absolutely no one is safe. There's danger - and potentially death - around every corner. But somehow out of all the anarchy and violence, a couple of heroes are rising."

"The vibe on set continues to be amazing, if bittersweet," Sellon continued. "We're all going to miss being together big-time, but we're cherishing every wacky moment. I've been on a lot of sets; this one remains extraordinary for its commitment to the vision and its close-knit family vibe. What an amazing family we have."

"Despite having our season shortened, everyone is there delivering 150 percent to give Gotham's fans the insanely high quality they've come to expect," Sellon added. "Fans won't be disappointed. Every show has to end sometime, and if anything, the cast and crew have bonded that much more in our determination to send Gotham out in the style it deserves."


Amid all of the chaos, fans still have to deal with the arrival of Bane, who is sure to make Bruce Wayne's and James Gordon's lives much more difficult. Actor Shane West teased his arrival in a recent post on social media.

It's a long ways away, but the final season of Gotham is finally in sight.