'Gotham' Reveals SPOILER Is Still Alive

Last week's episode of Gotham left fans absolutely bewildered, revealing at the end of the episode (and sort of confirming in the following promo) that Selina Kyle had stabbed and killed Jeremiah Valeska. While everyone knew that Cameron Monaghan's character would be back in some form or fashion, it only took Gotham one week to right the ship. Jeremiah is back, though the way in which he returned was certainly surprising.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

Jeremiah was absent from the majority of Gotham's newest episode, "Pena Dura," save for the mention of his name at the Sirens Club where Selina was celebrated as the woman who killed him. Things changed in the final moments of the episode however, as Jeremiah was seen waking up in one of his tunnels at the instruction of Ecco.

Just as many fans suspected, Jeremiah had planned on Selina's attack the entire time. He was wearing protective gear so that he would only experience superficial wounds, but he wanted to make sure Selina truly believed she had killed him.

Once awake, Jeremiah walked through the tunnel and into a larger mansion where he was met by a doctor. Even though it was Jeremiah recovering from the stab wounds, the doctor wasn't for him. The camera quickly revealed a well-dressed couple tied to chairs, their faces covered in bandages. The doctor informs Jeremiah that they are "ready" and that he's going to take the bandages off.

The audience never gets the chance to see who the people are, but Jeremiah is certainly pleased with the results of their operation. He cackles and dances with glee as the episode comes to an end.

So who are the man and woman in the chairs? While there has been no confirmation as to their identities, a logical answer would be that they are Thomas and Martha Wayne. (Okay, logical by Gotham standards.) If you recall, actress Brette Taylor, who played Martha in Gotham's Season 1 premiere, was seen on the set during production on Season 5, and it was confirmed that she would return in some capacity. She's certainly not alive, but David Mazouz did tell us last year that Martha's essence would be "used in a plot against Bruce."


Jeremiah's twin brother Jerome had his face removed and then sewn back on. Perhaps, in an homage to his brother, Jeremiah had a similar procedure performed on two innocent people to make them look just like Bruce Wayne's late parents.

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