Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds Still Has His Hal Jordan Ring

In the decade since Green Lantern landed in theaters, star Ryan Reynolds has distanced himself [...]

In the decade since Green Lantern landed in theaters, star Ryan Reynolds has distanced himself from the disappointing debut of Hal Jordan, though during a recent live-watch event, the actor revealed that he has kept the superhero's ring after all these years. It's no surprise that an actor would snag a piece of their costume to keep from a production, but in the case of Green Lantern, where Jordan's suit was crafted using CGI as opposed to practical effects and with Reynolds seemingly so disappointed in the outing, it likely comes as a surprise to audiences that he would want any keepsake from the endeavor whatsoever.

In addition to sporting the ring in a video of himself pouring a glass of gin, Reynolds took to Twitter to confirm, "Still have the ring," alongside a photo of the prop.

It's difficult to overstate just how much success Reynolds has earned in recent years thanks to his outings as Wade Wilson in the Deadpool films, so much so that it's easy to forget his previous forays into the superhero genre.

Back in 2009, Reynolds played a version of Wilson in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, with that version of "Deadpool" being such a far cry from anything recognizable among fans that it was even directly lampooned in the more recent Deadpool films.

In the late 2000s, the biggest DC Comics hero, arguably the biggest superhero from any publisher, was Batman in the Christopher Nolan series of films. In 2008, however, a wrinkle emerged in the form of Iron Man, which offered much more humor than the somber Nolan films, which gave the Caped Crusader a run for his money. With Green Lantern, DC fans were hoping to see a similar sense of humor, while its intergalactic nature also came with the promise of it being a space opera in the vein of Star Wars.

Unfortunately, it was arguably the film's ambitions that also ultimately became its undoing, as its embrace of CGI characters, environments, and even costumes created a disconnect between the movie and the audience, with its swing much bigger than what audiences were prepared for at the time. Despite the film's shortcomings, even Reynolds himself admitted, "[Green Lantern] was nothing to fear! Hundreds of incredible crew and cast members did amazing work — and while it's not perfect, it ain't a tragedy. Next time I won't wait a decade to watch."

Stay tuned for details on Green Lantern's future.

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