Greg Berlanti Shares Some Advice For The Next Flash Director


The Flash, the movie starring Ezra Miller in the new DC Cinematic Universe, doesn't currently have a director, after Seth Grahame-Smith backed out. Still listed as the first DC film after Justice League, it'll need a new one sooner than later, but don't expect The Flash showrunner Greg Berlanti to join in that particular project.

"No one's discussed it with me," Berlanti told THR, "but I could never direct a Flash movie that Grant Gustin wasn't the lead of. He's my Flash."

That's pretty definitive, and echoes the cautious response many fans have expressed to a second Flash being introduced on screen when they already have one they love. Berlanti did offer some advice to any future film director, though.

"We have three words above the door [of the Flash writers room]: 'Heart, humor and spectacle,'" he said. "If you're going to do something like The Flash, part of what made Barry Allen so great was that he was this guy in the middle of all these superheroes who couldn't believe that he was there, and he loved it." Berlanti loved The Flash in the pages of DC Comics for making him cry, for having "sadness and sacrifice, but at the same time this joy. That duality is something I've really latched on to in a lot of what I've done. This is the only Flash I'd know how to do."

The Flash airs on The CW Tuesday nights at 8pm.