Greta Thunberg And Donald Trump Both Appear In New Batman Comic

Greta Thunberg was recently named TIME's Person of the Year, which drew a lot of support but also drew its share of criticisms, including from the President of the United States Donald Trump. Trump took to social media after the announcement was made and shared his thoughts, but that's not the only place the two were sparring in. DC fans who read Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child this week also spotted both Thunberg and Trump within the story, and writer Frank Miller didn't shy away from topical commentary or the current political climate in his story. Spoilers incoming for The Golden Child, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Essentially the story revolves around Darkseid and Joker attempting to create chaos in the election and get someone who is a dead ringer for Donald Trump reelected. From the posters and signs to the puppet that Joker manipulates later on, the references to Trump and the current political climate are all over the place.

That doesn't start and end with Trump though. Towards the end of the book, we see Batwoman and her army facing a weakened Darkseid, and now the people who were previously controlled by him are standing by her side. One of the panels includes someone who is a spot-on recreation of Greta Thunberg.

(Photo: DC)

Along with an army of others she has her fists clenched ready to fight against Darkseid, who in this scenario represents corrupt power, so even if the likeness wasn't there (which it is), you can see how Thunberg would fit into this story.

(Photo: DC)

You can see all the spoiler images above.

As for Trump and Greta in the real world, Trump's response to her winning can be found below.

Greta took that in stride and responded to his comments in her Twitter bio, which you can find below.

As for Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1, the book is written by Frank Miller and drawn by Rafael Grampa, and you can check out the official description below.


"Frank Miller returns to the Dark Knight Universe! It's been three years since the events of Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Lara has spent the time learning to be more human, and Carrie Kelley has been growing into her new role as Batwoman. But a terrifying evil has returned to Gotham City, and Lara and Carrie must team up to stop this growing threat-and they have a secret weapon. Young Jonathan Kent, "the golden child," has a power inside of him unlike anything the world has ever seen, and it's about to be unleashed... Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child is Frank Miller's triumphant return to the world of the Dark Knight and joining him is the superstar artist Rafael Grampá, the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Mesmo Delivery. Following work in advertising and film, this incredible collaboration marks Grampá's first comics work in six years, bringing his extraordinary detail and storytelling to the Dark Knight saga, resulting in a Dark Knight story like nothing you've ever seen before."

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1 is in stores now, and you can find your local comic shop right here! Let us know what you thought of the issue in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things comics!