'Suicide Squad' Director Proud to See Harley Quinn in 'Birds of Prey' Movie

Earlier this week, Margot Robbie (and later Warner Bros.) released the first look at Harley Quinn [...]

Earlier this week, Margot Robbie (and later Warner Bros.) released the first look at Harley Quinn in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie, and it's safe to say that the DC faithful weren't the only ones excited to see the return of the ever popular character. The reveal of Harley Quinn's next adventure was also a "proud poppa" moment for David Ayer, the director of Robbie's DC debut, Suicide Squad.

After the Warner Bros. Pictures account on Twitter shared the first photo of Robbie in the new movie, Ayer took to the social media site to retweet it, sharing it with all of his followers. One such follower noticed that he had done so and took a screenshot. They sent that screenshot to Ayer and asked if that was his way of having a proud dad moment, watching the character he brought to life shine on her own.

Of course, Ayer made sure everyone knew that was exactly what the moment was meant to be. "Yes it is," he wrote in a tweet, along with a happy little emoji.

Sadly, there's no telling if or when Ayer will have the change to direct Robbie in a DC movie again in the future. After the critical backlash against Suicide Squad and several other DC films, the entire franchise was pushed in a new direction. This means that many of the projects Ayer was attached to received much less attention than originally intended.

Ayer isn't linked to the Suicide Squad sequel being written by James Gunn, as there is a good chance the former Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker directs that film in addition to his scripting duties. The lone project with Ayer's name nearby remains Gotham City Sirens, which follows the trio of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. As successful as Robbie's Harley Quinn has been, this movie makes plenty of sense, but Birds of Prey could change that. The two properties are very similar, just surrounding a different set of characters hanging out with Harley. The Birds of Prey are known to be a little more on the heroic side than the Sirens, but they've still got that anti-hero vibe going on.

Fans would surely love to see Ayer and Robbie team up once more, especially considering the love the director still has for the character. Unfortunately, there's no telling if the duo will be able to link up again.

Birds of Prey is set to hit theaters on February 14th, 2020.