Harley Quinn on DC Universe Just Killed a Shocking Batman Villain

The first season of Harley Quinn on the DC Universe streaming service was expected to be raunchy, [...]

The first season of Harley Quinn on the DC Universe streaming service was expected to be raunchy, intense, and full of drastic twists — but was anyone expecting one of the main characters to die? Well, that's what happened in the penultimate episode of the first season, as Harley and her allies Poison Ivy, Doctor Psycho, Clayface, Sy Borgman, and King Shark attempt to storm the Joker's new base in the heart of Gotham. While they manage to thwart the Clown Prince of Crime's attempt to destroy the city (with the help of Kite Man), they do suffer a major blow.

Warning: Spoilers for Harley Quinn episode "Devil's Snare" below.

In the episode, the Joker teams up with the Queen of Fables to take over Gotham City, and the villainess duo raises a gang of gigantic mutant trees to thwart their enemies. Ivy uses the same chemical compound for the trees on herself and grows to a gigantic size, ripping them apart.

Meanwhile Harley uses her signature bat to take off the head of the Queen of Fables, essentially killing one of her mentors. But she gets snatched by a giant tree and is subsequently saved by the gigantic Ivy. As the two share a heart-to-heart moment about their friendship, Ivy gets shot in the chest by the Joker's canon at his home base, forcing Harley and her allies to watch as Ivy bleeds to death.

The episode ends with Ivy shrinking down to normal size, the earth around them instinctually grows a bed of flowers around her body and accepts her into the soil. Harley is left with her dead friend and the haunting laughs of the Joker taunting her, causing her to cry out in agony as the credits begin to roll.

It's definitely the most tragic ending of the series thus far, as Ivy and Harley's friendship has proven to be one of the most important aspects of the series. While the two have had a prominent relationship in the comic books and in Batman: The Animated Series, their bond in the Harley Quinn series has been a refreshing take on their friendship.

With one episode left in the first season, it remains to be seen if Poison Ivy will remain dead or if Harley will figure out a way to restore her BFF back to life.

We'll find out next week when the first season finale of Harley Quinn debuts on DC Universe.