Henry Cavill Comments on When the 'Mission: Impossible' Mustache Will Return

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is finally arriving in theaters, and with the film fans will also get to see the official onscreen debut of actor Henry Cavill's million-dollar mustache!

While sitting down with Popculture.com during the Mission: Impossible - Fallout press junket, Cavill - who is now looking Superman clean and shaven again - revealed when we might next see his infamous (and lovely) 'stache, if at all:

"I don't know. I enjoyed having it for this movie, I think it was fun and fitting for the character, but I think I will keep my face clean for awhile."

Cavill's co-star Simon Pegg was also in the interview, and couldn't resist dropping in a trolling little jab at DC movie fans about when Cavill's moustache would be seen again:

"Next Superman film. Just for Superman (laughs)."

If you don't recall, Cavill grew a thick '70s throwback mustache to play CIA assassin August Walker in Mission: Impossible 6, following his performance as Superman in DC and Warner Bros.' Justice League movie. However, Justice League hit a major creative roadblock when director Zack Snyder dropped out during post-production, and Joss Whedon had to step in for some big reshoots on the film. Those reshoots required the cast to return - and for Cavill, there was a major conflict of interest, as his Mission: Impossible contract with Paramount required he keep the moustache, with the studio not budging on that point. Warner Bros. forced to find a major workaround, by digitally removing Cavill's moustache from all his reshoots as Superman - a job that famous cost the DC/WB millions in post-production effects. The bitter irony was that all of WB's efforts were wasted: the hideous CGI face that Henry Cavill wore for most of Justice League has gone down in infamy for how bad it looked.

The takeaway here, kids, is that the movie business is #SAVAGE. Paramount could've easily changed position, by having Cavill's Mission: Impossible character shave the 'stache in one scene, or cut it altogether, if it was early enough in production. Instead, they basically told WB "that's your problem" and let Justice League take the hit.


Until we know the fate of Cavill's August Walker in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, there's no real telling if the mustache will need to make a comeback anytime soon - if "need" is even a word to use in this case. The same pretty much goes for Cavill's next appearance as Superman, in the uncertain future of DC's Cinematic Universe.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout will be in theaters on July 27th.