Henry Cavill Sends Superman Challenge Coin To Comic Writer/Artist

Justice League star Henry Cavill's tradition of giving out 'challenge coins' continues and this [...]

Justice League star Henry Cavill's tradition of giving out "challenge coins" continues and this time it's not just the crew of films he's working on receiving the thoughtful token.

Comic book writer and artist Tony Daniel took to Instagram today to share a photo of special token that the Superman actor had sent him. You can check it out below.

The "challenge coin" is the same as one that he gave out to attendees of ACE Comic Con last weekend. The coins were prizes in a scavenger hunt of sorts where pieces of comic book art were hidden around the convention center and fans could turn them into Cavill and his team to receive a coin. Daniel, who did not attend the convention, did some sketches for Cavill's treasure hunt and the coin was the actor's way of thanking him.

For those unfamiliar, a challenge coin is a small coin or medallion with the emblem or insignia of an organization or group that is carried by the group's members. Traditionally, the coins are given to prove membership in the group when someone is "challenged." In military settings, challenge coins are presented by unit commanders for special achievements by members of the unit. Cavill has had a tradition of giving such coins to cast and crew on films he's been in, including Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The coin Cavill sent Daniel, as well as gave out at ACE was a special Superman coin that the actor himself designed. The coins he gave out for Batman v Superman were a little less elaborate, featuring one coin that was white with the Superman insignia and a second coin that was black with the Batman logo.

In addition to the special Superman challenge coin, Cavill also spoke with fans at ACE who asked how Clark Kent, who came back to life in Justice League, would manage to return to the rest of the world without blowing his cover. Cavill admitted that it would be a challenge, but it also required a little suspension of disbelief.

"It's a tricky one," Cavill said. "The wonderful thing about movies is that it's a suspension of disbelief. We're talking about a guy who can fly, who can shoot lasers out of his eyes. And so, there are ways of doing it but telling these stories, it's about your enjoyment. It's about my enjoyment. It's about enjoyment for the viewer.

Justice League is in theaters now.