How 'Justice League' Sets Up 'The Green Lantern Corps'

Justice League answered many questions about DC's cinematic universe, but where does it leave the [...]

Justice League answered many questions about DC's cinematic universe, but where does it leave the Green Lanterns?

Spoilers incoming for Justice League, so if you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want it spoiled for you don't go any further.

Fans will be happy to know that the film does include two Green Lanterns, but neither of them is Hal Jordan or John Stewart. The Green Lanterns are seen during a flashback scene that pits the united forces of Earth against a Parademon army. The Amazons and Atlanteans make up the bulk of the army, but two Green Lanterns are seen flying about during the battle.

The first Green Lantern forms a giant fist to knock down a Parademon from the sky. It happens quickly so it is a bit difficult to get a read on who he or she is. The second Lantern is more animalistic in nature, but fans don't get to see him much before he is killed in action, falling to the ground.

After he's slain though his ring leaves his hand and starts to fly off, indicating it is following the Green Lantern Power Ring protocol. Anytime a Lantern is slain their Power Ring leaves their hand to seek out a new owner, one who is worthy to hold the power it contains.

So, the question is what happens to the ring? Well, the movie doesn't offer an answer, but there is one thing we can rule out. That battle takes place quite far back in the past, far before more well-known Lanterns like Jordan, Stewart, Kyle Rayner, or Guy Gardner were even born. It stands to reason that whoever it goes to precedes them in the line of succession, and that very well could mean the ring in question goes to someone like Abin Sur.

Abin Sur is of alien origin and was on active duty for quite some time before he died. He was considered one of the best Lanterns before his downfall to fear but was also off-planet for awhile, so that could be the reason he isn't around for Steppenwolf's new takeover attempt.

This could be the setup to get Sur the ring at the start of the Green Lantern Corps film, paving the way for Hal Jordan to take his place in the Lantern mythos.

Justice League is in theaters now.